Cannot log in on old unlocked character

I unlocked my bear shaman from 2008 recently and in character select he isnt showing properly. He is on Fury PVP server. He is lvl 47. When i try log in there is a bar that depletes and I get an error message. I had the collectors edition back then, dont know if it matters or not. His name was also very weird with a alot of numbers behind his name.

Thanks for help

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oh really? i hvae the same issue, gl with thatt.

If you’re returning from 2008 you’re going to not like this game in its current state. Especially if you’re on fury. You will not be able to transfer off of that server. Fury is, for lack of a better term, a ghost town. Crom at least has activity if you want to raid or do other PVE related activities. So you might as well just reroll if you plan on spending any time in this game.

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