Old character timed out logging in

Picked up the game again when a friend wanted to try it, since i already had my old
characters, i figured might as well revive them. Downloaded the game on Steam
and updated. But … i could only unlock 2 characters, and they both appear to be stuck
on an old server.

All my 3 characters have been moved to FURY, and one of them has a forced name
that i can’t change for some stupid reason…

So… im gonna need help with 3 things.

  1. Get my chars revived so i can actually play them.
  2. Free transfer to CROM because so much has changed since i last played, free transfer is only logical.
  3. Free name change on the character with a forced name.

To unlock more characters than the 2, you need to have a subscription. If your characters were “moved” to fury, they must have been on a different older PvP server that was merged into Fury. No free Transfers to Crom.

For the character that got the name change, I think it used to work that the first time you tried to log in to it after the server merge overwrote its name, you were presented the option to provide a new name. If that didn’t happen for you, you can probably /petition in-game and ask a GM to help.