Character Transfer Hilarity

I spent the last six weeks (the image supplied only shows the last few attempts), at the very least, trying to transfer a particular character from Fury to Crom only to fail every single time. No rhyme or reason.

I gave up today and tried another character on the same account and it INSTANTLY transferred.

P.S. And the player name was taken, despite not being able to /cc addbuddy them to my friends list, or even send a tell. Time for a name purge methinks so new players can have a go and not look like idiots with crap like Mymum.

Characters that have never moved server can be transferred on the first try 100% of the time AFAIK. Characters that have switched server once or twice on the other hand may or may not be stuck. GMs can fix it on a case by case basis, it’s just very random and can take a long time depending on who handles your petition/ticket.

Those taken names that you can’t add to friendlist are just too old, they haven’t logged in since forever.

If you make a ticket/petition you can claim that name no problem, might take a few months to get a reply but it’s something they know how to do at least so you’ll always get a positive answer.

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The response via petition was ‘it’s a dev problem’.

The character is ‘as old as the hills’ (circa 2011 I think) and only transferred from merger’s.