Veteran tokens: please bring back

IF I am going to be paying for an account, then I would like to be able to buy the veteran token: paths, exclusive pets, strawmen, etc

its just not right for a paying customer to not have the things on an older account

or else let me move chars to an account that had veteran tokens and give me those for the ‘new ones’

There are 10 or more paths I could buy: strawman: hyena, satisfying company, etc…cant get those any other way. Why did you remove them?

Bad customer service imo. Worse than removing the player level boosts


Yeah. Removing offline levels wasn’t as bad as removing veteran tokens, especially when the vendor is still there. I know a lot of people who played since launch non-stop and can buy whatever they want, but I took some long breaks and I didn’t accumulate many tokens, and then, obviously, new players can’t buy anything at all. Veteran’s Boots and the paths are must-have.


Please return the veteran tokens !!!


did they ever explain why they removed it?

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they removed it when they introduced teleport coins in the shop, is it a coincidence, or just an explanation :wink:


Well you do get teleport coins via the sub’s reward system and everyone get’s them via the daily login bonus so that as an excuse for stopping the need to buy those Vet ports does kind of make sense.

And if it was only ports you could get from the Vet Vendor than that would be the end of it, but some of the other stuff the Vet vendor offers is pretty good.

You only get the monthly coins if you are premium, and you have to log each and everyone of your toons to do so, whereas veteran tokens were granted to you automatically. Not only did the service degrade, but it’s even annoying to use.


Lots of things got worse when they revamped the store and the subscriptions - the lack of new veteran tokens is just one of them.

The general gist of the revamps seems to be that they are mainly interested in squeezing a lot of money out of the few “whales” playing, and don’t seem to care much if the rest of us pay anything or not.


would love to have vet tokens back…one of the most useful tokens game ever had and not for just buying paths


All I use veteran tokens for now is to convert them into marks of acclaim, then buy the cheap green 4hr crit/damage pots with the moa’s. I used to buy the blue 4hr crit/dmg pots from the store when they were “cheap”, but quit doing that when Funcom decided to increase the prices dramatically. So Funcom, think of all the lost revenue from me because you decided to jack up the prices in the item shop a while back!


Until how long could you earn veteran points? I was a subscriber for a long time in the beginning and took several breaks and came back again. Not sure when you stopped earning them though.

And also, can’t I use the points I got as I did before? I remember I could use them even after you couldn’t earn them anymore.

You can spend the ones you have. You just cannot earn more of them anymore, sadly.

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Also new characters on the account that has veteran reward tokens earned on them will receive the number of tokens linked to that account … eg if you have 400 tokens earned on your account then new characters will have 400 tokens to spend.


It’s might have been earlier, but 100% it stopped when the big F2p changes when into effect mid-2016.

After that point, any character you make on your old account will start with what ever the number of tokens you had built up prior to that.

Bring back veteran tokens, please.