Christmas content

idk any other way to get the Vanir captive pet…think its from that quest been awhile

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Merry Christmas, have some instancebreaking lag!

Yea, that would be cool. I was thinking about it too, because I just found a few days ago that one of my character still has a quest from that event… :smile:

Yes! I don’t understand why they won’t just let this happen?

Will a dev respond or…?

Had to scroll down a page or two but I did find an announcement about the down time:

But really…there is at least one pet you can only get from there…Vanir captive (unless someone else knows a diff way to get it) and the other games got xmas things

The lvl 50 pet in Saga blood (scorpion) started out as BOE then got ninjachanged to BOP even though there will still one or two in the store…and no answer as to whether we would get it available on end of SagaB on the regular server claims…that’s another pet ‘lost’

Hi all! We’re putting all Hordes (except Horde of Blood) and the Max Resource Bag on sale for 30% off. The sale will run until January 2nd.

Wait…so sub is not on discount (even for a month of sub) or the max inventory bag either? Seriously?

Come on… do better than that! double RF shards

You should suggest to the idiots who are behind your marketing team that you’d bleed more money from the people of this game with a sub offer, releasing the old solstice content (with a reward of 2 gilding tokens and the pet), and having the sale of the boxes.


MMO’s die when they stop producing content for the game. AOC has been on maintenance mode for years now, and I’ve never heard of an mmo recovering after being placed on this. But you’d think they could produce “vanaheim-type” content at least?

Anyway, pretty disappointed no one could press a button to re-activate the winter content that already exists.


Can you at least confirm that Funcom never intends to give us Christmas content again, because of the World Boss spawn time being different in December? Ever since WB’s been around we’ve not had any and I think it’d just be better to be up front and tell us “We’re lazy so WB is your Xmas content.”


This is the sort of blunt talk we need. It is getting ffing tiring waiting for a response every year, only to get either no answer or a vague one. Best to know now and not be disappointed later.

Is there any rationale why you did not lower the vanity chests on saga as well which are esentially also a hoard?

You know its bad when EA is having much better offers…


So instead of pressing few buttons to give something to do by enabling old xmas content, or at least doubling shards, giving some nice stuff, funcom tries to milk playerbase even more? What kind of chimps are working there, that do not understand this is really bad decision.


oh yay i’m so excited …it’s not like I don’t have obligations to spend my money on family and friends at this time of year or anything …

Alas, if only it were as simple as “pressing a few buttons”

But nothing ever is in software development.

I understand where you’re coming from but we decided to put our energy into Saga of Blood and into the future, looking into 2019. It’s not quite at a point where we can share what’s coming, but there’s some cool things planned. I’m biased, obviously, but I hope you’ll agree when it does eventually pop up :slight_smile:

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Give us some actual new content that does not involve nerfed to the ground mechanics, and we’re on the same page. kthx :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Could you elaborate? You mean, like, really challenging stuff? I think we’d love to make things tough but we also have to make sure it’s accessible for people who aren’t at the cutting edge. We’ll see!


Depends what you compare it against. Of course I’d like the most challenging stuff possible because I am one of the people you describe there that likes to push the limits, however I understand that’s not for everyone. Slithering Chaos is supposed to be end game content, however anyone can farm that if they are willing to just put a little bit of time into learning it. T4 gear is enough to do anything in this game at the moment, and you can get that from Raid Finder pretty easily. Give the people more reasons to actually do something with the gear they get from Raid Finder, and make them work a little bit for it for the next step. Getting gear through a challenge (both big and small) is at least way more satisfying than getting it while someone else does the job for you, at least I think so and I do think a majority think the same way.