Christmas content


Cool, okay. Thanks for clarifying. I personally agree that it’d be great to have more challenging content that really applies all that nice gear you get from the RF. Of course, I’m not a designer so my feelings and opinions cannot directly translate into future content, but I definitely hear ya.


My point is give the playerbase a reason to actually use the gear. At the moment the most powerful gear are obtained through RF (Rings), and that type of “content” is not very challenging to put it in a kind way. When those rings are fully decked, what to do then? Stand AFK in Khemi and look at the pretty items in the inventory ? :smiley: People cleared both T5+T6 way before RF was released so it’s not like it’s needed to do that. Anyways, thanks for responding :smile:


So…instead of Christmas content or a little gift for us you want to make us give gif… money to you? For gambeling boxes and 1500% overpriced bag space?
But real CONTENT can Not be reactivated because Christmas came so early this year? And you sadly have to try to milk us because EVERY little gift would have been too much effort?

Merry Greedyness :kissing:


I’d really like some T2 HM as T7 and some of the old Dungeons as HM for T6ish gear. So you could nerf T5 and T6 a bit more, so RF Players and casuals have something to do and everyone else can sweat in T7.



Do not nerf t5/6. It’s not going to do any good.


They already ruined many raids by nerfing them, there is literary no reason to nerf any raid, other people can do it which means that it is not too hard. And if you are a extreme casual that plays 20m a day…then raiding is just not your content to begin with, but that does not mean it should be ruined by making it brain dead easy like current zodiac is. Problem is these people “casuals” in WB and RF farm, complain about not being able to do content, yet they do no nothing about it. Instead of complaining they could just… l2p


In the past few weeks i cleared T6 with 3 different raids weekly. I know it is not that hard. But it seems that many people struggle with T5 and T6. If Funcom provides a T7 raid, only the few raids who do T6 now, will be able to compete in T7. But even less people will get their toons through T5 and T6 content. Make it easier after releasing new content helps the population and the “elite” raids to fill up with geared people.

If it was for me, content never should have been nerfed. Even harder content should have been released. But thats me and a minority, not the majority which is left in AoC.


I’m hoping that you release some new pvp content. Or a response in gear to address the growing gap between pvp gear and rf rings. Those things are ridiculously good in pvp right now.


So… I still don’t get why it should be nerfed because people struggle with it? THEY SHOULD struggle with it when they are doing progression raiding, the bosses should not die just because they managed to gather 24 people together. If they cannot kill the boss they can just try again and learn from mistakes.

or should we be nerfing monastery run too as current “generation” t4 people with x2 rf rings cannot do them?


I agree this game lives from the fact that you do the same content over and over till you master it. Otherwise game gets boring too early :sunglasses: so instead of nerfIng pose extra challenges and extra rewards.


I agree with Delred. There have been enough nerfs. T6 is a joke now, for the most part, and T5 Vistrix and Honorguard are the only fights I still enjoy, and I wouldn’t like to see them nerfed.

Good Christmas content for me would be double the shards in RF, or, finally, adding shards as a drop for all the dungeons and raids in the game.


Doubling tokens is really easy to implement. Not even say its never easy in software on that since its changing one variable :sunglasses:


if anything Honorguard is a joke, considering you can just bypass its core mechanics with decent dps in your raid (no class stack needed) or some simple momentarily kiting.

I’d say buff honorguard by giving him more HP and a spell so he can’t be kited
kylikki buff so you can’t kite the adds

As for christmas content, I totally agree to add shards to all dungeon hardmodes (even if its just temporary). would be amazing to see the activity across Hyboria if FC did it.


So you think, if the people don’t do T5 and T6 now, because they cannot manage to find a raid with 24 peeps “skilled” enough to clear it, the playerbase will stay in AoC until they die or finally manage to do it?

More likely people will leave if they have T4 gear from Raidfinder and dont find a raid to clear T5 and T6, as there is nothing else to do. Like all the veterans left because there is no new content to master.


I would at least attempt a few months raiding T1-T4 before going to T5 and T6, to learn raid mechanics and improve personal skills. If you plan on jumping to T5/T6 from RF, that’s just impossible. A raidforce has to know how to communicate with Discord/TS3, calling the important casts, to be able to clear the high tiers, and it takes months to develop class skills, not to mention awareness. There’s no need to nerf anything, just give the new players time to learn like we all did.


and Christmas content is…free saga cloak for everyone…lol gratz :beers:


hopefully a bit of a revamp to the rewards from Achiever because the higher ones are not great


Why are we so grateful or accepting of this bullcrap FC ideology of ‘Let’s RE-USE old content/assets/zones or dungeons/raids to make “new”’ it’s not new; it’s lazy. You people couldn’t even add the OLD CHRISTMAS content Geez…Really? Make a Khitia size, worthy expansion, or even the Turan You have this enormous map of Hyboria and the books and lore of REH to back you up and dedicated fans to help and offer their assistance. Clearly The company is getting revenue based on their other projects the re-release of TSW, exiles, mutant etc. It is very difficult to bring friends to this game when there’s no notice of updates or anything down the pipeline. WOWBFA hasnt been well received it seems, nether was Bless, what other new mmos are coming out this would be a great opportunity. Create NEW content, Get NEW (Returning) players, MAKE Money repeat. But no, let’s rehash some old numbers, adjust tiny amount on rf rings, or add an unchained Tortage zone


Oh my sweet summer child…


and breath…