Suggestion for future content recycling

So I was discussing another MMO I used to play with my son called dungeons and dragons online aka ddo, and it got me thinking about a prominent feature in that game since this unconquered thing was put forth in an effort to get people rerolling new chars.

That feature is called “True Reincarnation”.

How it worked was you would reach level cap and have a set amount of skill points at your disposal. Things like Int, str, etc. But if you spoke to a certain npc he would essentially restart your toon at level one and you would have to regrind your way back to cap with double the XP requirements. You could go a third life and have triple XP requirements.

Now why would anyone do this? Because each time you reincarnated your toon you would be given additional stat points on top of the original points. Basically making you stronger than before.

I propose a similar idea for age of Conan. Char reincarnation. Max of 2 runs with XP requirements doubling each time but granting a player 5 additional feat points in each life for a total of 10 extra points above the 79 we currently get. I think this could change the game in a good way.

Obviously you would need to do something before hand like an “epic quest” to become eligible for reincarnation but just consider it. I’m sure some people would be opposed but since we aren’t getting any real content anytime soon, this could be something fun to engage people again instead of this hard mode thing which honestly, I personally have 0 interest in. Especially since I have no free slots. I would re level a toon though if it meant better rewards and additional feat points. And maybe some cool vanity stuff as well. Weapon vanity?

Also all AA and PvP levels would be reset each time making it a rewarding but daunting task to achieve.

What do you guys think?

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have character disadvantages unless i pick more scorpion tails n such untill im 80 again? doesnt sound that nice.

I’ve always thought that all they’d need to do was basically create a 2nd tier of the game on top of the old one.

In mine, once you hit lvl 80 you could go back to a 2nd Tortage when the beginning quests where level 80 and then played the game with all the regions/quests being jumped up in levels with a new level cap of 160.

All in all I’m sure mine would involve a heck of a lot more coding than your idea. And as a current DDO player I can say it’s a very popular system, more atleast a very much done system :slight_smile: .

The way it works in DDO is you start back at lvl 1, but you’re a stronger lvl 1 than a normal first life character would be. I think some of the skills and feats stay with you. The big draw seems to be that you can reincarnate as a different class or a different race adding onto your old benefit’s with the new one’s you’d gain.

The idea itself is interesting. I see two big problems:

  1. More featpoints will break classes. Not only class-balance, but the class itself. Some classes will become instantly op with 5 more featpoints, while others don’t.
  2. Why more power? For what?

I myself am not a big fan of THE GRIND. It would be again no new content, and not even a good use of old content, because you would have to just repeat what you already did, you would not see something of the game you did not see yet.
I would like to see a way to use all the dungeons or areas like paikang or dragonspine, where you normally just quest once and then never return into the open world. Unchained dungeons, maybe even unchained solo or three men versions of dungeons, something like that.


Lmao! What happened to lvls 81-159? Do we get 80 more feat points?
I would like to see an increase to lvl 85, it wouldn’t break game and current feat point tree at all, and maybe scale HM stuff to lvl 90.

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Which class is going to become instant OP with 5 more points? Link joharaoc feat build and tell where would you put extra 5 points. I bet it’s not more op than Exile p2w rune.
Also, lvl 85 max lvl for mobs sounds wrong, would be better with some juicy sweet number as lvl 90.

I agree with Kantakwa : this would completely break the balance of the whole game, for both pvp and pve

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Wait a minute, Kantakwa said 5 more feat points would break the game, not 10 :slight_smile: I agree 10 extra points would change game too much.

3 more points would allow end feats from both class specific trees. I think this would already break balance.


Well, you already can have both end feats :slight_smile: What is important is how you spend your points across 3 trees, and it definitely wouldn’t have as much impact on gameplay as some Shop stuff has.

No, you cannot get end feats from 2 different class trees.

show me a barb build with armageddon falls and Thirst for blood please.

ahah ! deletion better than being proven wrong ?


So you saying 3 extra points would break the game, and Exile rune and shop potions are ok? Lmao!

We all need some new stuff in game, and lvl increase would be easy fresh fix (easier than new expansion for sure).

Also, nobody talking about barb here, why you so obsessed with it?

Well, shop potions are not that much stronger than the ones you can buy with rare trophies. I can live with that. That rune, i don’t talk about because i don’t have it, I can’t test its effects.

Level cap increase would make characters too strong for everything that is tailored for level 80 characters, that includes all raids, all khitai dungeons, unchained and excavators ones, etc … All that content would become obsolete. I would welcome more raids, 6mens and such content for t4+ characters than an increase of the level cap.

Yes, 2 end feats from the SAME tree, not 1 from each tree.
And I like barbs ! They are fun to play =) I said barb as an exemple.

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Ok, so now we got over this, what you think of max lvl 160 and 80 new feat points? :smiley:
I’d love to see it tbh, would be much more fun.

that’s an even more stupid suggestion ! can’t wait to see deetees with full desec and dread shadows making all other classes useless for pve !

If everyone’s op, than nobody is op :smiley:

NPCs would be the very opposite of op :smiley: