Lets continue to make this game great

I will get straight to the point- this game is brilliant, your direction has shown so much creative content, and this game has a continuing mind blowing future of content if you wish. Can I suggest maybe taking time to:
See more levels to a Character,
A few boss creatures you can only duel 1 on 1 ( no thralls/pets) maybe implement this into end game quests
more interaction with npc’s thralls
a single player pause game option
a condition of physical distress or ill health


Sounds like Conan should of left you on the cross. lol


Increasing the level cap is not in the works and is unlikely to happen, as stated by Funcom.

Why exclude thralls from fights? The only reason I can think of would be a formal duel style feature. Other than that, the world is a “win using whichever methods you feel like”.

There are a couple of quest-like things in the game, and I’d love to see more. However, it won’t be a major point of the game because it’s designed to be a survival sandbox, not a multiplayer role-playing game.

I’d also love to have more options to interact with the various NPCs in the game and give more precise commands to our followers.

Single player can already be paused by logging off.

Negative physical conditions create more immersion, but they also hurt gameplay. Basically, you need to have an instant cure to the condition or wait it out, but having a diarrhoea won’t make the game fun to play. If it reduces your ability to operate, it’s something you want to get rid of.

A suggestion for the future: wishlists like this can encourage some discussion, but they’re unlikely to lead into anything concrete. It’s better to make a separate thread for each feature you want to suggest and try to describe your idea in some more depth, so as to give game developers a better idea what you actually want, and how it should work.

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Whoo, it was only a joke did not want boyfriends getting involved!
Few things:

See more levels to a Character

Increasing the level cap is not in the works and is unlikely to happen, as stated by Funcom.
This is a suggestion page and so does not just evaluate to your own opinion or thinking only.

A few boss creatures you can only duel 1 on 1 (no thralls/pets) maybe implement this into end game quests

Why exclude thralls from fights? The only reason I can think of would be a formal duel style feature. Other than that, the world is a “win using whichever methods you feel like”.

Well as the saying goes if you cant’s stand the heat get out the kitchen! Simple.

Single player can already be paused by logging off.

Yes it can! but at a price that it moves the purge meter closer than expected and don’t be smart i have had enough purges as it is thank you.

Tell you what you and your boy-friend be negative to this chat all you want and leave this discussion open to people who want to be constructive in there thinking.

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What I meant was, what in-world explanation would there be to exclude others from any fight? Could you elaborate on this?

Oh, and you can turn Purge off, or change the rate at which your Purge meter progresses, in single-player, so that’s not really an excuse not to use logging off as a single-player pause.

These forums exist for everyone, including those who may not agree with all of your ideas, and everyone’s opinions are welcome. Treating everyone respectfully, especially those with whom you don’t agree, make you and your ideas more appealing to forumites. Dismissing other ideas, and especially other people, will only backfire on you.

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He is suggesting only for a few to change it up. You know, kind of how we can’t climb in dungeons. Well, maybe there is a dungeon of no slaves allowed. One where you can duel Conan himself.

Yes… but a wall we can’t climb may be slippery or something that prevents us from climbing. But why would slaves not be allowed in a dungeon? Is there someone selling tickets at the entrance? Can it only be reached via a very small elevator that can carry only one person at a time? What’s the in-game reason that tells my completely honorless, immoral character that I can’t bring my pet fighter with me?

I am so sorry you misinterpreted or disagree with every suggestion I made Kapoteeni. I will start a new discussion where the tools in the box are much sharper. Happy gaming and don’t take situations so serious where you disagree or feel the need to protect/engage in unfriendly chat. Good day sir.

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I really like the idea of instances (dungeons) that provide variety. Dueling dungeons, siege dungeons, etc.

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Shadoza, the Purge Meter gives a 100 point log in each time, so when you want to pause game, ie: log in it costs 100 points this is fact not opinion based. Happy gaming.

Thank you for you constructive input, I will push for what ever ideas come out of this to the devs.

I’m really glad you choose this game as a joyful survival mode game, however Shadoza if you are serious about this game in respect of disliking the content of others i wish you good luck.

A siege dungeon could be the simple but great endgame that is missing. There´s a chasm, a wall and behind the big boss. If you kill him you free the exiled lands. I think many have thought of this because this is what CE´s about. You bring your thralls you build a catapult build a bridge flying bats archers destroy defense structures. Simple but elegant. Team effort. Redoable in multiplayer.

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Lots of mods already do this. I only play on servers that give me more levels, so yes, I like this.

You can do this now. Very simple, fight a boss with no thralls or pets with you. So why would you want to stop everyone else from having the option to bring their thralls/pets? Makes no sense to me. This would not be adding a feature, but removing one we already have.

Yes, this could be good, although the simple system we currently have is actually a refreshing break from some games where it is so much more complicated.

I hate this. I’ve played games where you can die of a disease. We have that in real life and it is not fun, why do people think it would be fun in a game?

Honestly, these are all suggestions that feel like they are coming from a hard core ARK player. If you want all those things, you can play ARK, and you will have them.

He is suggesting it be designed for a 1v1 because we have nothing like that in game. The current bosses are not designed that way. The HP and the str of the bosses make it a suicide mission to not bring a high level thrall, or group of friends. The loot could be something as simple as a unique place-ables, crafting station designs, even a mid level named thrall…RNG table of course for replaying. This would not teeter PVP balance, and would be tailored to a SP experience with PVE loot, something sorely missing from the game. Conan at times was a loner, so lore wise, it fits to try and do something by yourself, no clan, no thrall, just you and your skills given by Crom.

WhatMightHaveBeen i thank you so much for your understanding of this situation. Something by yourself, no clan, no thrall, just you and your skills given by Crom.

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We do have some mini bosses that you can fight 1v1, but I get what you mean, a new dungeon with that in mind. Also it sounds like you would want some decent drop.

Many of the mini bosses, once you find their weakness, or a way to cheese them, are not too hard to kill. Although they seldom drop anything good. There is a lion that is a mini-boss that drops some good repair kits.

ARK would make you do a boss 1v1 by making a small cave opening, but in Conan the thrall will just teleport past some blockage like that, so I’m not sure how you think they will prevent you from using a thrall or pet.

Parts of the Volcano are actually setup mainly for no thralls/pets to fight the mini-bosses and bosses in there, but I suppose most people don’t do it solo. The way it works there is that if you do bring a thrall/pet, it is bound to just be killed in a pool of lava.

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Still curious if you play ARK. All these suggestions do just sound like you like ARK and want Conan Exiles to be more like ARK.

If you haven’t played ARK, if you were playing ARK, why don’t you play ARK?

I may have come off a bit negative, but it is because I did play like 4000 hours of ARK and I’m done with ARK. There is no reason to make Conan Exiles into a clone of ARK, it is great that it is different. The more ways it is different the better.

Another thing I would never agree with would be adding anything to ride in Conan Exiles, except maybe a horse, since that is in the lore of Conan.

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It’d surely make you haul ■■■ back to base in a hurry!

This was uncalled for.

Another saying could as easily be if you want to fight a boss without thralls, go for it. No reason they have to make a special boss that requires it.

If you don’t want to log off, go sit in your base.

This was also un-called for.

As far as the Purge Meter goes:

The following activities performed by players fill the Purge Meter:
Log On (100)
Timer Tick 60 minutes (62.5)
Kill Human (200)
Kill NPC (200)
Place T1 (200)
Place T2 (200)
Place T3 (200)

So really, logging off is NOT a bad way to pause the game. Depends on how long you are planning on camping out and doing nothing.

If you are going to be gone less than an hour, get somewhere safe and camp out. The timer tick will earn you less Purge than logging off and back on.

If you are going to be gone for 2 hours or more, logging off is the better option, since the log on accumulation will be more than the timer tick.



It’s extracted from the datatable PurgeEventConfigTable (devkit)