Lets continue to make this game great

Why? Adding levels only to have levels? Or did you want more attribute and feat points?

If I need a challenge I can force myself into such fights and I’m not sure if I like the idea to be forced by the game mechanics.

Defintive a yes from me and the main reason for my mod better thralls. Currently the thralls are not more than mannequins.

Why not. I did not play single player but such a feature will not hurt.

I hate life micromanagement in games and for me it’s a 100% no. If it is optional and I can disable it I’m fine. If it is mandatory I will definitve leave the game or create a mod to deactivate it :wink:


Excuse me what? I actually agreed or supported a couple of items on your list.

If your intention is to be either condescending towards your fellow players, or simply a troll, I wish you a happy life on some other social media site.

Guys relaxe, i read here mods. Mods are boring and lame, pro gamer play without that s…h.i.t…
I think he play on a offi.
And if u play on an offi, do u got my respect.
And yes i think the same like @Albion, we need more cha lvl and thrall lvl.
I’m a T6 fighter and have T6 thralls and i got platinum on ps4.
I have all recipes and run all dungeon on an offi. The most time i kill every thrall on volcano, asgarth and sepre. (That is really boring)

I sincerely apologise to everyone in this chat, I will not make any excuses for my ill humour and bad responses to people. I wish each and everyone of you to take care and Happy gaming.

I soooo agree about the solo boss creats… but on other hand, it is really not obligatory to take a thrall in dungeons… and soloing supposed-to-be-party dungeons is one of the greatest ways of spending ur time (as it takes for ever) and makes ur mind work overtime!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

With the solo I wanted to not give the player a choice with solo/thrall, more an achievement to earn. I should of made myself more clearer to everyone Sorry.

Having a dungeon or other activity geared towards (and enforce!) a single, solo (no thrall) player is not a bad idea at all, I’m sure a lore-friendly justification for how/why it is so could be made up. And I say this as a player who loves hiding behind his combat thrall when out and about.

My character is the brains, brawn is outsourced.

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Ancient magic stone from the ones that made the bracelets, map rooms, whatever. Your character inadvertently activates it. It teleports them into the dungeon alone. They have to fight to survive and get out.

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Not really sure what your saying here! I’m sorry

Mikey asked for a lore-friendly method of getting a player solo for a dungeon exploration.

I provided.

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lol thxs for the understanding. Hey to all concerned this game is at the moment my game of life. Please enjoy your time and continue loving what you have in front of you!

Battle arenas, where maybe you wager raw resources (max is 1 stack of whatever it is, and depending on well you do, you get a multiplied version of that back.

Make it the world bosses, nerfed to fit solo player fights.
I bet 200 steel fire
Then the game puts me an arena, a nd RNG’s one of the worl d bosses
Demon Spider
I have 4 levels
t1 under 10 minutes = 10% winnings (200*.1 =20) so i get 220 steel fire back (my 200 bet, and the 20 for winning)
t2 under 7 minutes = 25% winnings, 250 steel fire back
t3 under 5 minutes = 50% winnings, 300 steel fire back
t4 (named) under 2 minutes= 100% (doubled) 400 steel fire back.

And an trophy of the boss, if you beat it t4.


You may of hit on something there WhatMightHaveBeen. Thank you

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This is a good idea for a server owner that has the pippi mod installed. It shouldn’t be too hard to create an arena with an Arena Master (or Dungeon Master) that you interact with and spawn in an opponent. It then times how long you take to kill or be killed and rewards you appropriately. I’ve not created anything like this, but I would hope this is something that could be done. Maybe I will make this my first project for the server I rent.

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Yeah, unfortunately i am a consoler:/

“If you have a dream, don’t just sit there. Gather courage to believe that you can succeed and leave no stone unturned to make it a reality.”
― Dr Roopleen


One interesting thing I’ve seen in games, is that if some modder creates something for the PC and the devs find it compelling enough, it can make its way into the vanilla game. So it would still be a good thing if someone creates this on their server or as a mod.

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I do have the pc version, but with officials clans, work and other RL, i haven;t been able to tap into that side of it. I have some basic modding experience, but i enjoy the playing side too much to deconstruct the game and break the kayfabe of it all:/

I know what you mean. I had been modding Minecraft, trying to add some things from ARK. I started playing ARK to understand what the stuff was we were adding. I then got so into playing ARK, I stopped modding entirely. Playing the game was more fun than modding at that point.

I would like to get into a bit of modding for Conan, but my PC just can’t do it at this point. I do plan to buy a new gaming PC in the next year or so though.

May have.

This message was brought to you by Readers Anonymous, sponsored by Conan the Librarian.

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