Lets continue to make this game great

I agree with albion we need more character levels and attributes our builds are so limited atm when u have cool skills that require 40 pts and up

You aren’t supposed to be hitting 40 points on ALL the skills. That’s the entire reason the system is in place as it is.

This is about creating characters that specialize, or else using a lotus potion to respecialize in specific situations.

Not making characters that are completely maxed out on stats, so they are all generic copies of one another.

We don’t need any more levels or attribute points at all. They’ve solved the feat issue with earning points from running bosses. That is where they need to stop.


i think if they add more lvls you shouldn’t get more attribute points or at least not every level. maybe add to your health pool or some other perk but it does keep a variation in playstyle the way it is

Not asking for much just a few more points or lower some skill requirements like double jump… Why is that even a 50 skill? Same with agility the lower armor roll type one and headshots that makes no sense. Also why not get more health and stamina per level up look at a tier 1 exile thrall then look at your stats…

And also in the variety part no one said how many points we were getting exactly it probably wont be enough to get 40 in each stat attribute lol thats overpowered . but enough to get your main build with atleast one side perk like double jump. There will still be variety.

With more attribute points there will be less complaints on thralls also think about that… You will be equal with thralls making pvp and pve both enjoyable.

FYI, there is a way to get 6 atts to 40 and 23 in encumbrance “legally”.
lots of RNG luck and grinding, but for 30 minutes+, you can achieve it.
Official PVPs would be hard AF.
But other modes (SP especially) you could do it with some trading/farming.

Yeah but with buffs n specific weapons, but thats not the same thing that I suggested plus it requires you to again sacrifice what you want to use such as weapons or full armor sets…

Also on a pvp server so not even reliable to do tbh especially not on war servers

Well for one thing, these aren’t supposed to be superhuman characters. So perks like that need to have a steep investment to earn them. Not be cheap so everyone can have them.

These are human beings. Normal humans can’t jump while in mid-air.

Agility makes sense. A highly agile person won’t be as encumbered by armor as a less agile person.

Accuracy is how good a shot you are, so when you hit that Shafted perk, you are far superior at hitting your mark because you are a highly skilled archery. This shouldn’t be a throwaway skill at a lower level.

The game has been balanced for what we have now.

Players are complaining that stuff is “too easy”, and you are here trying to advocate more power for the players. And a player is superior to a thrall no matter the stats, because thralls don’t have a strong AI to begin with, whereas a player has a mind, or at least you think one would.

You can reach 50 in one attribute. Just don’t expect to have high levels in any of the others. On checking, the current breakdown is 50, 20, 20, 10, 0, 0, 0.

And that is exactly how it should be. These aren’t demigods. They are regular people.

An attribute at 50 is supposed to represent the pinnacle of human achievement. It’s not meant to be an everyday occurrence.

It’s not like the top level perks are all worthwhile to begin with.

Strength, you shouldn’t be letting yourself drop that low on HP to begin with, so why would you waste points to get this?

Agility, honestly, why would you ever need to double jump? This isn’t Super Mario Bros. jumping isn’t that relevant to begin with.

Vitality, this one is actually worthwhile because it helps you heal.

Accuracy’s headshot damage is only going to be useful if bows are ever worthwhile to use. And it becomes less useful when you are being charged, if you can’t pop off headshots in combat. It’s only useful as a snipe tool, which is less useful unless it helps you one-shot stuff with a headshot.

Grit, dodging is probably worthwhile, especially in solo play, so that makes two useful perks.

Encumbrance, full speed while over-encumbered. Useful, I suppose, if you are used to hauling mass quantities of junk around with you. But honestly it doesn’t seem worth the investment.

Survival, probably not worth it to begin with. 10% damage reduction is okay and all, but you can get pretty decent armor to help with this in the first place.

So with Vitality and Grit, and maybe Accuracy as the only really useful perks, and they are really only useful probably in dungeons and extreme combat situations. Not in most of them.

So you back it down in points.
You can get 40, 30, 20, 20, 5, 0, 0
You can get 40, 20, 20, 20, 20, 5, 5
You can get 40, 20, 20, 20, 15, 10, 10

There are many combinations. That is the only point of why the system is the way it is. You can easily craft a potion to change this as necessary.

So you can have certain builds that are for raiding, butchering NPCs, or gathering. But we should never be able to have a huge number of perks at one time.

I agree, it’d be a pain in the ■■■ if this was a one-off and once you bought them, you could never refund your points. But you can refund them quickly and easily, so you can change things as necessary.

It all sounds nice your setups but what about the 40 agility needed for heavy armor? Can u please give a pvp build 4 heavy armor

The build is call Compromise.

If you expect to wear Heavy Armor, and use the Agility 40 perk, then you have to spend the points to get it. You’ll suffer elsewhere as the result.

Why should they change the game because of your chosen preference of play? It’s pretty arrogant to ask them for that, since it’s not even a major thing.

You just want a cheaper way to roll around in your Heavy Armor, and don’t want to pay the inherent cost of doing so.

Switch to a lighter armor and you won’t have this problem.

About the attribute thing that was just an opinion I dont know why its such a big deal there is others who like that idea. If you dont like it then okay just say so. Also guy if they change the game for other peoples opinions why do you feel like you have the need to basically imply that a paying customer is not important… Please go somewhere else with that nonsense.

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Paying customers are important. But not when they make unreasonable demands that would affect all players in the game. Or would break the spirit of the game in the first place.

It’s unreasonable when you consider it’s only going to make players more powerful than they already are.

Which is only going to create further work for them, as they have to rescale all the content to work with the new more powerful players.

And the end result of that is that we will again get the same group of players coming in, stating that we need still more attribute points because the current value at that point won’t be enough.

It’s a neverending cycle, that way.


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