Suggestion for future content recycling

But then where is the challenge? Or do you just wanna steamroll everything? If you’re going to raise the level cap now you need to do it like how Final Fantasy XIV does it. Adjust the level accordingly to the dungeon you’re doing with item levels, and a max item level for the dungeon so it’s not too easy. THEN I would be on board, however AoC operates gear in a different way so it’s not realistic.

Since pvp player made this post, and we mostly talking about pvp, nobody cares about Npc’s. I said earlier this would be a stupid move, but I’d like to see it for fun. At least it would make Shop potions and stuff less important.
Also, some changes would be nice, I don’t take new character lvlup as new content.

I would love to see lvl increase to 85 tho, would be nice for both pve and pvp and maybe some new lvl 85 area.

The population is low in general however if you set the amount of PvE players up against the amount of PvP players it’s heavily favoured towards the PvE side. So destroying the whole game just to please a few PvPers wouldn’t be a good idea
The item shop pots aren’t that bad compared to the rare trophy ones which have already been said (but yeah I don’t like them either obviously). The Exile rune can be annoying I get it, however so is the Soggoth and HoX T5 rune so it’s not like Exile rune alone destroys the game.
Also I don’t consider Unconquered new content either btw, because it isn’t.

Edit: With “that bad” I mean they aren’t that big of a deal if you just get yourself the rare throphies ones.

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This idea is just an idea, To those who think extra feat points would somehow unbalance the game I ask, how can you unbalance something that is already heavily unbalanced?

Also I put this post forth not just in favor to pvp or pve but to the game as a whole.

The grind to 80 would be grueling compared to a first run through but if you do it you get 5 extra points. and if you go through again you get 5 more with triple the punishment.

Either way it’s an idea and open for discussion as far as to what would be suitable rewards for a player going through such a task. I figured 5 more feat points per reincarnation is a good tradeoff. Plus Funcom would certainly make money off xp pots and other knick nacks.

Otherwise what else is there? even the pve players complain that there is no more dungeons to raid and they are bored of gearing up their 11th alts in t6 with nowhere else to go. You already know Funcom isn’t developing any more dungeons. Just throwing minuscule bones at us in order to placate a community in a dead game.

How do you get players to go back through old content? The title of this post is recycling old content. Make it worth going back through. Why would you want to do hard mode when you will certainly not make it to 80 unless you sit in hub cities and minigame your way to 80 and then what’s the point? You get a title that nobody will care about and a badge.

Let’s have something meaningful. You reset your main (obviously keep all your gear), redo the grind with each level requiring twice as much xp. Reset all pvp levels as well and AA feats.

You get to 80 and have to again complete a few quests such as reach pvp 5 minimum and or Complete a tier 5 raid etc before you can reincarnate in to a 3rd and final life where the requirements are even higher and more challenging…

Again just ideas. I have all these alts and mains sitting around and there is literally nothing to do with them but pvp and as much as I enjoy pvp There is potential for more to be done.

Think of it as a celebration of the “Rebirth of Conan” and change the game a little. This is literally the same exact game it’s been for years. Is no one else tired of nothing new but me?

I agree with you, REAL new stuff is wanted.
I also think reworking the whole game to adapt it to an increase of the level cap to not have it obsolete is more work than adding an all new dungeon or an unchained one using existing assets

i have always said 5-6 more feat points would make any class OP as hell,theres always something you would like to have in a build on most toons when getting creative with builds trying to get the max out of it that you want to feat but just cant get enough points into some trees, but in some ways thats part of the challenge rolling a new toon or build and part of the fun imo…would still happily take 5 extra points thou :wink:

Guys, don’t forget, new content that is made from scratch takes months to make compared to recycling which can take a few weeks. They might be working on the side to make something new. Not that I am defending them but hell, if new things are coming, you should wait.

Rebirthing for new content would make more sense to just to restart some other game. Also, i don’t think any sane person would want extra feat points added to game. For some classes it wouldn’t make huge difference but for some… yeah, hox with avatar of xotli and tongue of xotli on same spec. or sin with both avatar+overdose.

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@ Spreadicus, looks like your pusher brought you some seriously sick stuff this weekend… :rofl:

First of all, I dislike your idea with restarting your Toon and lvling 1-80 again.
2) You can triple the xp you need. It wouldn’t make a difference. You just have to powergrind a little longer. So instead of 1 hour, it takes 3 hours and you are done. So not worth the effort, just put in a short questline would make more sense.
3) As already mentioned, more Featpoints would break the games balance even more. But if you want more feat points overall. You should not stick with 5 or 10 Points as some classes benefit a lot, while others just can’t get OP with it. If you really want to add Featpoints, we would have to talk about ~22-25, to have a real profit on every class.

The biggest impact of more featpoints will hit PvP. As for PvE everyone is OP already, as there is no new content und T6 makes your toon even more sick…

For the title of the topic. I’d like to throw in another suggestion.

Bring PVE Dungeon Maps to PvP and create some “Unchained” Versions of the PvE Dungeons for T6+ Stuff.

Add Atlantean Shards to every PvE Group dungeon.


To anyone who says extra feat points would break the game I have to agree to disagree. How can you know? You can’t.

I think what everyone is missing is that we already relevel from 1 to 80 already over and over and over again.

If it’s not just doing a different class for ourselves, it’s doing one of the Saga’s for some dinky rewards or even now with this promotional thing for badges and an achievement.

While you might not agree with the proposal given; I hope we all can see the need for some meaningful reason to redo the current content.

If we could do this revival mechanic you guys mentioned but then allow us, after lvling 2nd class on same char to lvl 80, to pick a main class then 4-5 features/abilities from the secondary class so that for example, a Barbarian can use Conqueror profiecnecies and then 3 combos of choice from the Conq. A bit like Multiclassing in other words. This was an example fyi.

Or just let us combine all things from bother lvl 80s XD Talent trees for both classes at the same time would be an interesting mix.

It could be interesting if they can change animations between classes who use same type of weapons. Lets say exchange 2h animations between hox, conq, bs, barb…

Brings up an interesting point although probably not realistic. I have always wanted polearm combos for my tos. Electric melee tos? Id love that.