Content that could have been. Take a look! 1500 hours

Hi guys,

After about 1500 hours on Conan I think it’s time I put it down until the next major content update. Some topics of discussion within my clan were about the shocking lack of end game PvE challenges to break up the monotony of constant warfare. Out of my 1500 hours I think I have close to 1200 hours of intense combat on pvp servers where we fought to be alphas. PvP is fun but my clan was lamenting at the lackluster options for hardcore level 60 teams to blow off steam in downtime or after big raids. Here were just some spitball ideas we were throwing around to try and make people more invested in the game and something to farm besides hardened brick and sacred blood. All praise the one true god! JHEBBAL SAG!

Factions: A faction system where you could align yourself to the factions within the game, have faction themed loot or tattoos specific to that faction. Want to be a darfari overlord? Want to swashbuckle as a black hand captain? Want to be a soul-less giant worshipper? You got it! You could also add titles as a reward for being a high tier in a faction, or skins for items already in game. Themed faction gear essentially could be a transmog-like system for re-skins if need be. Specific factions could have specific rewards based on that factions’ lore as well.

Epic versions of dungeon loot: Title says it all, epic versions of loot obtained from dungeons seems like it should be a must. Make an “epic dungeon” difficulty where you fight level 60 versions of the encounters, maybe amped difficulty and other constraints? The reward would be epic versions of lower content level loot, minimal investment on development side for this since the dungeons are already made, just scale up difficulty or add a time constraint/challenge or something like that.

Religious weapon exotic functions: Currently the only religious weapon that seems to be significantly different is the claws of jhebbal sag. The animation changes, timer, and strength/speed of the claws really makes it worth the investment to some people. The other t3 religious weapons seem to lack much in terms of diversity of function. Maybe the set daggers apply triple the poison when poisoned? Maybe the finishing heavy combo on the mitra spear cleanses debuffs? Maybe the yog mace steals health on kills? Maybe the Ymir axe has a high chance to x2 cripple as it’s made of black ice from the outer dark realm? Adding an additional function (and maybe timers for balance) to these items would make investment in a religious choice more important and could change up the current spear/axe weapon meta by providing more combat options to everyone.

Treasure maps: Items dropped RNG from thralls that lead to locations in the world either based on pictures, descriptions, or even SoT(Sea of Thieves) style --Song lyrics! Maybe perform a dance on top of Pride Rock? Maybe blow a kiss at a thrall in Asagarth? You see a chest rise out of the ground nearby, it contains whatever. Excitement! Randomness! Adventure!

Weapon re-skins/armor re-skins: Title says it all, reskins of armor and weapons themed with PvE content in mind. Beat that super hard epic level witch queen boss? You now have the option to craft an item that modifies the lemurian light armor to be…tada! WITCH QUEEN THEMED! (Much like the DLC gruel changes the look of animals to an ‘epic’ form. i.e. red bears, tigers with bone armor, etc.)

Dungeons involving jumping/randomized puzzles/actual thinking: Title says it all (once more). Dungeons are fairly tank and spank with no real sense of danger as the enemies you face are often easily countered. The easy NPC’s could be offset by the difficulty of jumping puzzles, pushing blocks, traps, etc.

More dynamic weather: Sandstorms are cool and all but they don’t really useful. A sandstorm could be dangerous for a low level, but a higher level could see it as an opportunity! Maybe sand beasts appear only in the storm and disappear when the storm leaves. Maybe using a special item when in a sandstorm could summon a creature to fight that gives some type of loot incentive? The whole sandstorm system seems very stagnant and doesn’t really harm anyone that has more than 30 Vit.

Horde mode: A dungeon solely focused on horde mode. Facing waves and waves of increasingly difficult enemies, rewards increasing as the waves get higher and higher. I do understand that this function would have been supplanted by the purge…but in all my 1500 hours of gameplay I have been purged TWICE. I solo’d both of them with no problem, all I ended up with was a bunch of dead gorillas and some guilt.

Make merchants great again: The idea of an economy was pretty cool in Conan when I watched the dev streams. Unfortunately the only vendors that get much action are the pet vendors, but all the vendors in Sepermeru seem to get no love because they seem to not understand that selling “Ice Tea” for one gold coin is a bad deal. Maybe rotating deals? Changing inventories? Sell items for gold/silver coins? Or maybe a token system? Sell USEFUL items? Tame a merchant thrall to SELL ITEMS FROM YOUR BASE! SHOPS!!! This would open up conan to the first trade clans, deeply increasing the dimensions/options of gameplay for your average player. I could see players going real far with the economy if it’s done right.

World events: Maybe events that take place in a certain area, notified on the map like a god attack of some kind. Invasion by a Dothrak— I mean a Darfari horde! Maybe a sunken ship’s hull has cracked open on the ocean floor coast, letting players for a limited time dive down and loot sunken treasure, maybe the volcano ERUPTS and sends chunks of dangerous lava and rocks raining down, temporarily increasing the heat in the volcano but (maybe) providing more ore nodes? Idk, some type of reward for a volcano event should be REALLY good as it’s an end-game zone. Meteors like the Halloween event but instead of crazy loot, they contain minerals like gold, silver, obsidian etc. Risk/reward kinda thing.

My clan had a ton more ideas but I think that these were our best ones yet, what do you think fellow slaves? Any ideas of your own? I would love to hear them!


You know, a lot of these types of threads, I have an instant set of dread, like “sigh, what is it this time. Does the game suck because your character swings your sword a certain way or something else completely trivial that makes the game utter garbage to you?” And to my very pleasant surprise, this was a well rounded out suggestion thread. I agree with everything in here. Well done, I have nothing further to add but wanted to drop some kudos your way. Thank you for the cool suggestions.

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I like the idea about having the merchants in seperemu to be reworked.
I would totally LOVE being able to tame a merchant which can sell or trade a number of items depending on his tier. Like 1 Item for t1, 2 for t2 and so on. Or orders being set up. “I want to buy 1000 Tar and you get 10 goldcoins for that.” Something along that line.

As for the actual merchants in seperemu, I think they could use eighter rotating stock, random items being sold or just more interesting stuff in general. Who cares about a sip of ice tea if he could buy some quantity of wood, stone, metalbars or similar? Heck even random tiered thralls could do!

Also I really think it has been a waste to build such a nice market-like area and then having it be a wasteland… Maybe move all the seperemu merchants to that west wall/prison area? At those tables and stuff?

Epic versions of dungeon loot: […] Make an “epic dungeon” difficulty […]

I like the idea of getting some more interesting loot for the dungeons - but wether an epic version is needed?
I think that would be hard to realize. (It’s not like other games where one gets teleported into instanced versions which then allow for different difficulty. However I think all dungeon items REQUIRE epic versions. Speaking of dregs weapons too.)

Age of calamitious like? I like the idea of joining a faction. However I think that should be a clan only thing if that is possible. Like having the clan leader pick a faction the clan belongs to? I dont know what additional stuff might be added though.

Reskins would be great! However I would like all items being converted into the looks of another same tiered/same class items. Like only light armor might look like other light armor or 2h epic swords never looking like an iron or even stone sword. Such limits.

I think those would be hard to do. I think I suggested some insane bosses which would have acted as proper worldbosses, but those would have been too extreme. Though I would still like to see proper worldbosses - because worldbosses require a big party of players working together. Question is how to have everyone who participated being rewarded…
More stuff like the starmetal meteors would be great though.
I think regional events are fine, if each bigger area comes with its own event.
There could be blizzards in the north (sometimes overlapping with other events like starmetal too). Also during sandstorms/blizzards the temperature would become more extreme during that time too if possible.

But more importantly than this? I would like to see a change to the temperature system.
I would prefer a two bar system. One being heat resistance+level and the other for cold. Each armor would have both attributes on them. To have heat rating armor not make one feel colder even though one is covered in multiple layers of armor. I think all armors would require 1 resistance to both, but probably cold armor having 3-5 resistance to cold and only 1 to heat.
That would basically result in the same thing like currently with the exception of being nude meaning 0 resistance to both - no more running nude because the usually worn armor makes one feel more cold.

Almost everyone on pvp is already doing so. People on PvE would continue to not having to care. (I know what I am speaking of. Several people like the challange of fighting in religious clothes on pve or just ignore stats and stuff.)
It’s usually light, medium strenght or some heavy (legion or strenght) armor. Or some encumbrance armor.
Weapon usually being a polearm due to obvious reasons. Though I have seen axe+shield too.

I really think religions should be chosen. Maybe not having people being limited to one, as that might be going too far - too many people would rant about it. Counting you too.
But having people specialize in one fighting method leaving them far less powerful with other means of fighting might be an interesting thing. I think religious weapons should be on par with legendary weapons and both should be the utmost powerful thing too. A difference of 10 to 20% to other weapons sounds like a great idea. Like flawless serpentman/telith +10-20% = legendary or religious lvl 60 weapon.

I think the gods should smash through on their own every once and a while, with a horde of their followers! I guess if you just fix the purge mechanics, have a setting where you can have a god pop up so frequently, and on official servers bust them out in special events, that would rock!

I mean, c’mon. The game basically revolves around the darfiri and yog. They have a summoning place. Bring him out and terrorize every once in a while! Have it so you HAVE to get to the summoning place to get rid of him too! Now theres some end game excitement!

Great suggestions! I’d be happy if they even add a fraction of what you described. PvP servers seem to be the only type right now that offer some form of end game content because on my pve-c server we are losing population constantly due to lack of content for endgame. Once you hit lvl 60 and geared out all thralls in epics and built your nice base, there is nothing left to do.

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Thanks! =]

By factions I hope you understand I mean aligning with NPC factions, which would have vendors to get faction themed loot, etc. I do not mean factions with other clans.

Addressing your feedback on my religious exotic weapons: Some religions are already used heavily over others, diversity is already compromised on pvp servers. Jhebbal Sag for coins, set for bubbles. People already wear the same gear, either str or vit, serpentman spear, serp axe. The idea would be to INCREASE diversity by adding in weapons that all have separate but equal PvP bonuses which would be on par with other legendaries. It would introduce a deeper aspect into pvp. Maybe trade hits with someone who plans to cripple you? You both trade hits on last combo, but you are using the mitra spear so you are cleansed, able to heal immediately because of no bleed/poison and win the fight. Maybe you need to chase someone down and cripple them, with the Ymir axe you could cripple double fast and hinder movement easier. I hesitate to think this would increase the polarization.

Feedback on your sandstorm response: Any competent level 60 doesn’t care about a sandstorm, mask or not. I can sit outside naked with 30 vit AFK and not die to a sandstorm. Your comment about sandbeasts spawning is legit tho, it would be scary to have one spawn on a lower level. That’s why there should be a player crafted item, like maybe a horn or something that the player would activate to summon a beast only during a sandstorm. That way it wouldn’t hurt other players who want to avoid the content.

On your response about PvP overshadowing other modes, it already has. Look at all the highest population servers on conan. I just checked battlemetrics 11/24/18 @ 12:03 and out of the top 100 active servers, 95 of them were PvP focused, 5 with light RP elements in the server description. Limiting the expansion of the game and ideas for the game solely based on not hindering solo players is nearsighted and dangerous for game development. You obviously don’t want to hurt the solo player, but if a solo player is playing on a multiplayer server then they need to understand that they are a small fish in a big pond, and the small fish is never the one who gets to make the choices. There is singleplayer for those who wish to play purely solo, but if you want to play solo in an environment with other people, I hesitate to say that will end up in you having a base for very long if you play on a pvp server with others. Also you say “I would not enjoy anything that is focused in the volcano or Frozen North as I do not play in those areas. I think meteors should fall everywhere on the map not just one place.” Just because you don’t play in an area doesn’t mean you get the privilege of discounting others who do choose to play the entire map. If your argument were to be further represented, you are basically saying “If I don’t play on those parts of the map, you aren’t allowed to make developments to them because I won’t benefit from them”. That’s extremely self centered and I hope you understand you came off that way.

I wholely agree with your statements minus the factions I am hesitant for any faction based play until all ai has been adjusted to work correctly. As for the religions and gear it has become a mirror across the board for builds.

Animosity is possible, insults definitely not. If you think that pointing out that you were coming from an extremely limited perspective and were attempting to push your self-centered views into the open and onto others (i.e. me) is insulting…then I guess I insulted you? Also, checked battlemetrics again, and even checked steam servers from the /viewserver menu and both corroborate: at prime time and off peak hours, the overwhelming majority of the top played servers are still completely PvP dominated. You also seem to be hung up on TSW, that is a different game. Whatever you think happened with TSW doesn’t apply to all other survival games, also if you don’t like PvP then don’t do it. Why do you feel the need to push an anti-pvp agenda when one of the core functions of the game is PvP? You don’t see others going around being anti PvE or anti RP, check yourself for biases before you post dude!

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