Make the token system Universal across all account classes

please funcom allow us to share all the earned raid tokens with all the characters on the account to make it better to play among alt characters .


Hi, i dont like the idea. My guess, it would become even harder to get new toons into raids. Also i don’t like the idea of fresh lvl 80 alts with full T5/T6, without even been in a dungeon or raid.


I think this decision should be made on a per token basis. Especially end game tokens should be earned yes, but some other lower tier and particularily gilding tokens could be shared. But since it would canibalize loot box sells its not likely to gone happen


As the others have said already I don’t think this would be a good idea for raid tokens/dungeon tokens. With that being said I do think it would be nice to implement it with Onslaught tokens. Some classes shine way too much compared to others. Tokens like Gilding token could also be shared if possible without causing any harm, and might be some other tokens too that I’ve probably forgotten.


Yes & No

ofc, support sharing Tokens of Gilding

  • Unearned reward - causes no harm
  • Game store fix = sell stacks :+1:

daily login rewards are claimable on any character, just saying

call me old-fashioned

  • Earned reward(s) should only be worn by the character that earned them
  • If there is an imbalance, incentivizing it with shareable Onslaught tokens account-wide would only amplify

Yes my post did indirectly say that. I just feel that Onslaught is a very unfair concept towards some of the classes. Like, by a lot too which is why I said it could be account wide. I did say in my post that raid & dungeon tokens should never be account wide.

Some without a T6 aoe class may feel about Onslaught as you do about dungeon & raid tokens

Could we agree, Onslaught mode may have the best weapons,
but who would suggest account-wide sharing of T6 relics for the best gear?

It raises questions like, “Why should an average mage have the best weapons and gear on a melee class they play even worse?”

There is a slippery slope here, too. When enough duds get top items without learning the class; they can do some dungeons and raids just on gear, but won’t; they’re already in the best.

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Not gonna lie, but T6 is a raid where more or less all classes can shine, and after playing all 12 classes in there all of them can perform fairly well actually. Yes, some classes do not have the same potential as others, but that’s the case everywhere then. It’s just in Onslaught it’s such a big difference.

What I “feel” isn’t really the case here. It’s a fact that demo for example is WAY too strong in Onslaught compared to all the other classes. In T6 you can at least compare the numbers to an extent. Not the case of Onslaught imo. It’s a reason why the very first question in the private testing was immidietly “How do you plan to make this work for heavy single target dpsers (Ranger/Sin)?”

It’s so imbalanced that you never want to take a ranger or assassin unless you’re just doing it for chillz. The reason why I would like to have Onslaught tokens account wide too is also that it’s not exactly difficult to get the weapons (clearing wave 15 is easy) it’s just VERY time consuming.

This is already the case with RF and WB though, and if they are RF and WB farmers now without stepping a single foot inside t4 raid or higher they most likely will not do it in the future either.


Please make AA and shards account wide as well, while you’re at it!.



Sounds like you want to NERF DEMONOLOGISTS … :crazy_face:

And a weak attempt at gatekeeping OS weapons, too

Not much different than rewarding elitists with account-wide weapon welfare, imho ofc

Add random packs with vectors set for T6 gear only,
to make it more challenging :joy:

Actually you kinda share several onslaught token already, since the onslaught gems are tradeable. So you just need to do wave 15 once on each toon and get the token for the weapons (if you don’t want them within 24 hours, just do daily quests on low waves.
After that you farm token for the gems on the “strong” toons.

Therefore I think the system for onslaught-token is ok-ish.

Making gilding tokens accountwide would be nice, but as some others already mentioned: raid and dungeon tokens shouldn’t be accountwide. You can already get full-t4 by slacking in raidfinder without being able to run in a straight line.


Shareable tokens would negate the time factor to obtain gear. I think normally raids have a cd of 1 week? So a certain time is needed to get a toon fully geared. If you could share tokens, it would mean you could do that raid perhaps 12 times a week, making token gain 12 times as fast, getting a fully geared toon 12 times faster.

I’m not sure this is the intention of funcom, seeing they implement these time barriers in raids and rf for a reason.

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Account based token system works perfectly well in other MMO’s.
That some here would feel less accomplished(for some reason) by seeing new 80’s in good gear is negated by the fact theat these tokens needs to be earned in the first place. That veteran players can find reasons to log on outside of raid day i see as nothing but positive. We are talking about the survival of this game, and with that in mind no stone should be left unturned.

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That plan ran out of the window when they put the weapons in loot boxes imo.

Not exactly. I were interested in how Funcom would make this content enjoyable for all 12 classes instead of only 3-5 of them. Considering they didn’t change anything from what we got on the private testing and what we now have on live servers their answer is: Nothing.

If the content suited all classes I wouldn’t have suggested making them account wide though so don’t get me wrong, I am actually on your side for the most of it.

other MMO get regular content updates and have a lot more content as AoC.

It’s not about feeling accomplished, but more about people already having no clue about their classes, which just increases if they don’t have to play any content with them.

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how does this affect you? why do you care if someone can’t play their class to a level you deem proficient? It’s not like you want to play with these players to begin with, why does them having gear matter so much to you?

I see this argument constantly from players who have 0 desire to assist or play with the “noob” players. I fail to see how random RF player #3127 having t4 gear is such a big problem.

The difficulty to attain gear is not a good thing. It is part of what drives people away.


It affects me as it’s still needed to have at least 5 or 23 other players for Dungeons/Raids.

The lack of content drives people away. It’s not that hard to gain gear in AoC, it’s more of a grind. Having endgame gear and nothing else to do drives people away. If AoC would get new raid/dungeon and pvp content every 2 years, i’d absolutely would support having new folks getting gear to play the new updates. But if you give new players all the shinies with nothing left to do, they leave and go to the next loot pinata game.
If AoC would have great longterm PvP, free balanced gear for everyone and PvE would just be about new vanity, it would be a completely different topic. But AoC is based on the old MMO style, where you progress through gear by playing the latest stuff and grinding the sh*t out of pvp/pve content till you have the most sparkling shinies you can get. Nothing left than except for inbalanced PvP.


If an MMO is about collecting and hoarding gear but not using it properly you could easily play a trading cards game instead? Ppl that face an MMO should be ok with the core idea of an MMO , especially if you come late to the Party, or otherwise it maybe not the right game for them. While you could say thats a personal decision a ppl with e.g. gifted t4 gear but limited to no skill in using it, wastes other ppl time by causing failure, if they randomly play together or are forced to do… and finally if everyone has everything (for free) than anything looses its value - thats the same in real life and ruins motivation for everyone after all. AOC is quite a mature MMO, if you want to learn your class you get the Information… if not population is not a strength of it anyway anymore, so not a big issue or loss if it drives those people away as you say… quality is better than quantity in that respect.

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Elitist asshat here .My demo is over there with wave 40 cleared and i cannot be arsed to farm that crap anymore with my “considered” mains like sin.Also account wide tokens on onslaught make sense because you buy gem pouches and people need to relog classes they don’t even play or want to play in there or have interest to get weapons on to get the groups going.So that suggestion has some good points backing it up.

For the rest of the game i agree,each character should do the content to get the corresponding gear.

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lol these guys think ppl want enjoy grind 4 gear