Thought for food - Food for thought - Gear AA Exp Required

Gear Required: Hello! That’s why i am actually here! No? So i need better gear to do the Gear farm here? Then why farm for that Gear anyway since i’ll have better gear?

AA Required: If i got accepted into easier group content i would have them but nobody does them because they are for lowbies and there is not many lowbies. Only you T6 Geared guys.

Experience Required: Ok. I watched some Walkthroughs. No? Well how will i learn it then? By doing it? Well isn’t that why i am even here?

Ok stay alone and enjoy staring your 10.000 Achievement points and your T6 Set…

Btw. You look like Chewbacca.

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Sounds like the issues ure describing would sort itself out if you joined a guild :slight_smile: thats how most people learned dungeons.

Got no comeback for that :smiley:


what’s stopping you from reading tactics, building a group with likeminded people and beating that content together? there are a lot of new players out there just waiting for it. getting carried through every content by already full geared players is so boring. accomplishing that yourself is way more rewarding


Me? Just join black lotus rogues, or destiny or any guild that raids even team rocket; they dont have any admission requirements - just ask any officer x up in global… then sign up in their raid calendars and state your main? this takes less than 20 minutes to do.

If you don’t have the minimum required gear… start from t1 Eagle’s vengeance hosts a lot of t1’s and if you ask any BIG Guild they’ll probably just tell you to farm faction gear then join them on raids and they’ll support you as best as they can throughout.

Gear + Exp + aa’s?

Say you dont have the gear if that’s the case, but the aa’s maybe? time training - membership costs like… 9 dollars a month? cheaper if you just buy the year but anyway… pve gives you a lot of AA points, 2 expertise points for every raid cleared at least - do khitan 6 mans that gives good AAs as well.

Experience? LOl I normally go in there like I know what im doing, and I actually dont… just a quick google search and if you die say some dumb stuff like I was lagging or whatever the case may be.

if they kick you? then it’s what ever join another’s raid. Everyone’s always hosting random group / raid events you can get yourself into, they do already have high geared in low tier raids so the individuals with no gear can sit it out but still help and not be the center of parsing so they can get the gear that they need without feeling the pressure of not being able to do enough dps, heal enough what ever the case may be? I joined crom like 1 month ago and joined BLR kitty was nice enough to take me on t3 - t5 raids even though my guard was in full t2 pvp gear. lol and I knew nothing about tactics, everyone told me what to do etc. and I got through it.

Kazakdt leader of teamrocket also took me through a t6 and helped me with all tactics even when I messed up they wiped and did it again. It’s just that you gotta keep on trying and complaining really just gets you no where, think about it. one day of complaining, one day of you missing an opportunity to get into that one t6 raid that they just need a random to fill, you can die and still get the gear… it’s not always they need the full 24 to finish a boss.

Good luck mate.

  • <3 Yzers (LVL 80 Guardian)

P.S. Moriala gave me advice as well how to aggro on guard.

dont be afraid to ask questions



give it up man, you gave him good advice on what to do. It seems to me like he doesn’t actually care about any of the stuff he asked about, he just wants to rant about how bad everything is.

Reading 2 or 3 of his statements is enough to see he didn’t put much effort into the game and wants everything handed to him.

God forbid he actually reads up on strats for fights, hell even learns how to pvp on his class by you know… playing. Trial and error like many did before him.

Elbala is a outspoken hacker and He can teach you how to download comber and how to speed hack as a source of information :slight_smile:

Using a bote for node farming simply requires a script that uses the /follow command in group and a line in code that says:

-repeat if, (x=y) etc

If you wanna learn how to pvp, I’ll teach you! :smiley:

Doesn’t matter what’s dead, the game is still available and people are still playing; and that’s all that matters :slight_smile:

I just answered your questions and now you came to a solution which is just another complaint - I do hope someday you enjoy this game as much as I have.

<3 Bible, Yzers

Yea it’s alright :stuck_out_tongue:

No way in the world would i force players to go mindlessly grind for months for stuff they will replace immediately. Are they seriously push for Faction Grind and RF to jump to T4? Well that explains alot…

Can you please stop crying? You simply look dumber with every post you make… :laughing:

Every bit of information and constructive criticism or facts are branded QQ by most in MMOs. Says alot about their intelligence.

Ok, then… keep hallucinating all you like! :rofl:


Who are you? in the game?

I was many.
Everytime i was a New Player in different Servers.
Last time i was a Returning player.

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