Endgame? What do we do?

Hello all,

I recently got to level 80 along with my brother. We are a little confused as to what the endgame for AOC is? Can anyone enlighten us as to what we need to do as level 80s to gear up and be in the endgame content? If it matters we are a barbarian and a bear shaman.

Thanks for the help all :slight_smile:

Hey, congrats on reaching level 80!

I think one thing you need to do if you have not done so already is join an active guild. A lot of end game content is group based, either 6 man dungeons or 24 man raids. You will find it a lot easier to do the content and find people to group with if you’re in a guild.

In terms of gearing up:

  1. Raid Finder. Every Monday it resets and from here you get Atlantean Shards, use these to buy the best rings in the game and also chances of T3 - T4 tokens to buy T3-T4 Raid gear. Accessed via pressing Ctrl+R. Best day to do this is Monday. Interest tapers off later on in the week.

  2. Kuthchemes will get you Mystic Relics, you can use these to buy some of the best weapons in the game. There is no limit to how much you can farm this ■■■■.

  3. Field of the Dead - Gladiator Arena. Mindless farming of your pets but some of the best, if not best necklaces you can get by reaching Rank 4 here.

More interesting “real” content:

  1. Unchained 6 man Dungeons (get the quest “Mastering the Old World”) - completing the quest gives you boxes that have a chance on dropping nice epic gear (around T3-T4 quality most of it)

    • Scorpion Cave
    • Caravan Raiders
    • Halls of Eternal Frost
    • AoK
  2. Vile Nativity (nice cloak from last boss)

  3. Khitai Dungeons - 15+ 6 man dungeons spread across Northern Grasslands, Chosain, Kara Korum and Paikang, all dropping epic gear (if done in hard mode) and Rare Trophies which you can use to buy Faction Gear from Khitai Factions (Head, Chest Legs) once you reach Rank 2 with your chosen Faction. Recommend Tigers faction for both Barb and BS.

  4. Faction Questing (solo content) you will be rewarded with Mark of Acclaim for a lots of quests which you can use to buy epic Faction Gear (wrist and feet) once you reach Rank 4 with your chosen faction.

  5. Tier 1 and Tier 2 Raids. - no real gear requirement for these raids anymore so look out for these in the Global chat channel or if they are advertised in whatever guild you are in.

  6. Tier 3 - Tier 4 raids. A bit of gear is required, maybe some T1-T2 gear or some Khitai epics, some protection also needed for some of these fights.

  7. Tier 5 and Tier 6 raids. Highest Tier of Raids.

  8. Slithering Chaos - drops Gems that go into your Raid Finder rings.

Theres probably a bunch of stuff that I’ve forgotten to include, I’m just writing from memory but there is plenty of end game content to experience for the first time :slight_smile:


You can buy and run the Godslayer expansion content to start gearing yourself up via the faction armor there.

You can do the World Boss and hope the loot gods grace you with Tier X armor. I’ve done a couple of my characters this way and have ended up outfitted with T3 - 5 items.

Run the dungeons for the loot drops.

Also and leaning towards the solo’ing side; there’s a handful of solo lvl 80 dungeons, some lvl 80+ questing zones; Godslayer like I’ve mentioned, Dragon’s Spine, Isle of Iron Statues, Valheim …

While raiding with others might be the way to go, it does seem like only the popular one’s are run so that might get boring after a bit and nothing says you have to raid, as there are other options out there for you and your brother.

There are several options.

  • if you have the godslayer-expansion (highly recommended) level up the factions. E.g. Tamarin Tigers have good gear for bs and barb.
  • join the raidboss-zerg at least once a month (does start every 1st wednesday each month at 0:00 gmt and lasts 1 week, except for december when it’s around xmas) to get the best cloak ingame.
  • kill pets in the arena for the best necklaces


  • join monastery-runs if they are advertised in global (sometimes people ask for experienced players only, but if you send a message and tell them that you don’t know the fights, some still take the time to explain. As well unchained dungeons provide some nice gear.

  • Kuthchemes/Skullgate: no xp needed, just look for advertises in global and join. You can get really good weapons after a while when you collected enough token.

Raids: try to join some pugraids for t1 and t2 to get used to playing with 24 (playing healer is a little more complex than playing dps)
As well sometimes there are t3 pugs running.

When you got some xp at raiding, join t3.5 and t4 (not that often advertised as pugs)

And then there is raidfinder where you can just sign up and wait for it to start, no xp needed to join.

I just hit 80 as well, this info is really helpful!

Since your New, its worth it but alot of things depend on how Hardcore or Casual you go with it.
AoC as i said on another thread is more for Hardcore MMO Gamers who will go Serious with it, otherwise your best bet is to not overthink it too much.

  • Schedule: Doing Daily stuff/ Monday Raidfinder/ Weekly Raids (That last one needs a reliably active Guild) most are not anymore, a guild that does all Levels of Content, even low (That one is even rarer and mostly reliant on Vets with Fresh Alts) Timezones may be better or worse.

There is alot of Veteran Guilds around but they only do T6/ Chaos that kind off stuff so as good as they might be its best to avoid them if you want to progress and they dont advertise recruitment either nor will Support New Players. (So you are restricted on just a Handfull of Guilds and hope for their Advertisement to Join them).

But the most important stuff is the Time you invest and AoC needs alot of Time compared to other MMOs, just like WoW. My advice take your time and dont push yourself or rush it, but ‘‘Enjoy it’’ Grinding here is slow for Tokens and AA, so if Endgame is T6 you will reach that point within a Year for certain unless you play fulltime Daily.

If it was more active you wouldn’t worry about when to log in to do content but now its very dependant on Timezone and how much free time you even have. Best thing you have as a New Player is you are Excited with the Game so nothing will feel boring to do or repeat.

You will have a nice fun experience though since you play with your Brother and not alone.

  • AoC was designed as a Game that is reliant on Active Guilds with lots of New Players to progress Characters and take them through the Group Content multiple times to fill (Grind) Tokens for Gear and AA at a propper speed.
    Its not Storyline RPG Based where you can just Queue up for the Group stuff and not worry much like in SWL. So if you take New Players away then the Design doesn’t function as intended.
    Try the Guild Spartans. If they wont do no-one will.