Looking for t5 raids

Hi guys. Does any of you need a player in your raid force? I am experienced in t5 and I’d like to continue playing there after a while. All I need is t5 relics and thats it. I was trying to find someone on Crom server but recently its pretty much empty. If you could have a spot from time to time, please let me know in private message and I’ll answer.
Thank you from the mountain.

Ivory tower aims to run a t5 taid every Monday and usually has a couple of spots ,talk to Moriala or Fijndahl if you are interested :slight_smile:

I was talking with an officer and he said that their raid force is full at this monent so they wont take me in :confused: I also heard about german guilds doing t5 but I dont know any of them or the german language so I am screwed

Thank you for response by the way, highly appreciate :slight_smile: