Ivory tower looking for raiders

Ivory tower has been the most successfull raiding guild since late 2017, clearing T6 in one evening, 2hours max since the guild was created, being the first guild to kill ethram on Saga-realm.

Now we are searching for motivated raiders to clear t6 in a fast failfree way. We search for people that have knowledge of their class, high dps,heal and aggro, fast learners.

Write a tell to Moriala with your class, and some info about you :slight_smile:

PS: You dont have to join our guild to join our raids, its a mix of a guild and organized pug.


Uh, not to be an ass, but we killed Ethram on Saga 2 days after you, so not “several months before next guild”


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Ohh! I wasnt aware of that, well done, edited :smiley:

No problem, but we were both several months ahead of the 3rd guild to do it!

Uh, not to be an ■■■, but the russian hackers killed ethram few months before you two:D

I remember seeing full t4 Russians before the entire instance was even released. :smiley:

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Don’t forget the Russians in full t4 gears on Rage… where the raids never happened…

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What days/times do you raid?

sundays 19 cest, tuesday 20 cest

Mori you still alive? Still tanking yourself to oblivion?

Haha wtf hey ellesar, yeah well i kinda just had the oppertunity to start playing other chars then tank for the first time, so reliving the game, are u “back” ingame?

“Back” not really. Wanted to sub for a month or so and run some HMs. Feeling nostalgic lately.
Which server you on?

see you around on the forum and for aoc gives me such a sense of peace, like when everything is where it must be, my old friend

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You don’t actually need to sub to do dungeons, everything is free nowdays (if you have the expansions), if you just wanna run dungeons and raids and don’t really care about the extra relics you can do that without premium.

Thanks for the info, but I would be playing at least 3 classes which I guess is still impossible with F2P. I’ll get going on reinstalling and maybe be online during the weekend.

Zujilin who’s there? My memory is failing me :smiley:

Depends how many extra char slots you bought back then. A f2p account gets 1 (maybe 2 but pretty sure it’s 1 these days) default unlocked char slot.
Additional slots you had won’t get locked though. This goes for slots you bought and slots you got as a gift in the subscription deals or anniversary events back then.

i have not understood what you mean?

exactly, there are so many variables, it depends a lot on how old the account is, what deals you had at that time, what bonuses you have unlocked, how many slots you have bought.
There are f2p accounts with many unlockable characters. I do not know how many I have, I have 4 characters and I can unlock all 4, maybe even 5, despite never having bought a slot, my account is very old