Finishing Things Up?

Basically this is a returning player looking to get his Saga quest done while he still can thread. I know, you may very well have seen something similar before.

Anyway, last time I raided regularly we almost had Leviathus on farm and were pretty good at not falling through the floor on Chatha. Thoth Amon was only a vague promise. Those days are gone, and its true that I’m a little out of practice, but I do know my Guarding, updated as it may be. Gearwise I doubt I’m the MT you always dreamed of.

That said, are there any guilds with room to do the raid bosses for the weapon quest? Any groups that get together to finish this stuff up? Anyone I can contact? Anyone who can contact me(Delinator on Saga, Malikour(maybe Alistria) on Crom)? My hours usually run around 2PM to 7PM weekdays, weekends can be arranged at anytime if we can get this done.

I’m a lost ball in the high weeds here guys. I’d seriously appreciate a nudge in the right direction. Thanks in advance.

Good timing… we just talked about this in our guild yesterday. Nightwolves guild on Saga is ready and willing to help those who need to complete raids for Saga quests. Contact Artemismov, Frayla, or Kelly for info/invites.

Thanks for the heads up General. Frayl msg’d me, apparently you did a run the other night. Sounds like I just missed out. Story of my life. If you’re headed off to do this again, don’t hesitate to give me a yell, would much appreciate it.

Best not to put all my eggs in one basket, still need any and all of the Saga raid bosses. You keep the lootz, I get my kill, win win all around. Headed that direction? Give Delinator a yell. I aint picky, I’ll take a ride from any friendly stranger…

im looking for the same thing as vexous, obviosly he has primacy as he asked first, but if you have spots after that, id love to come along :slight_smile:


Should probably state whether you are EU or US 2-7pm.

You’re right. 2-7PM Pacific, 5-10 Eastern, US. Weekends are negotiable with a little advanced warning.

Nightwolves is raiding most nights, start is 8 p.m. Eastern. Guild members have priority, of course, but most have T6 weps now and are willing to step out if someone of the same class as them needs the boss for their wep.

do i have any chance to catch a tier 4 raid for Yah-Chieng kill so i can get the t6 weapon? If i need to get into a guild,i will gladly accept the invitation. I only have 2 days left to play the game :slight_smile: after i have to quit it for 2-3 months… if you guys know something let me know,i am very active this day and the next day. No more time to play after… sadly.

didn’t saw anything on Global for tier 4 and trust me i am very active player,maybe the time is guilty here… right now for me is 2:25 PM afternoon… no tier 4 raid on global,maybe they raid when i sleep at night. I am in EU and i’m not able to play the game 24/24 …

That’s probably the issue for you, then.

Nightwolves is a US based guild and you’re 6 hours ahead of them.

You could maybe try Wrath of Amra, which’d be more in your timezone, also friendly, but idk if they’re open to pugs yet for saga.

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Update time.

Thank you Nightwolves!

Fifteen days later and I have my T6. Could’ve been earlier but some bad raid locks kept me out in the cold. Thank you to everyone who helped, and thank you to everyone who offered. It was very much appreciated. Good way to come back to the game after 8 years away.