Looking for a Raid Community / Guild - Saga of Zath

I have no idea if this is the right place for this thread since I can’t find the sub forum for guild stuff (like in the old forums) but as the title suggests, I am looking for some kind of Raid Community / Alliance or a Guild to complete the Saga of Zath Quest for the last reward.

Specifically I need the T3 and T3.5 bosses for the quest but I gladly help in any other tier so others can complete their quest too. Right now I am in a guild but it’s totally useless to be honest because that guild is so big that I’ll never get a spot in a raid (there are over 50 people signed up for one raid… great…).
So, are there still any raiding guilds recruiting on the Saga Server or are most of them done and gone already? I see no guild ads in the global chat anymore (nor any raid ads since everyone is farming RF).