Need Help with the Final Raid Progression

I am in the home stretch on the Saga server. All I need for the final tier of the Saga is the last three Raid bosses: Thoth-Amon, the Bat of Nergal, and Yah Chieng (T3, T3.5, and T4). I have been trying to get completions with my Guild, but we have been unsuccessful so far.

Is anyone that has completed these raids on the Saga server planning on doing them this weekend or next week? If so, I would like to join for a single run to get a completion. I have a full T3 gear set as well as the Tier 4 cloak and necklace from the Saga rewards. Russian Wolves is supposed to have a handle on all of the raids, but I am not sure when they run them…

It is accomplished.

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