Finish saga questline

I Wonder how manny accounts actually have finished the Saga questline. as i C there is lots of players that not have gotten theyr T6 weapon

I still need to kill Emperor to finish my quest line on my necro. Pug raids just don’t seem to happen in US evenings when I’m around so it has been difficult.

after the merge will that possible to finish it? or the quest will simply dishappear?would be awesome for both those who did not manage the t6 and those who did not make to 80 either

I don’t think it will be available after the merge, it kinda was the whole point of the server to reach the goal at the end of it in May, a time limited challange. So I guess it will just disappear, because otherwise this whole server wouldn’t really make any sense, they could have just given that quest to a character on Crom then.

Limited time server, limited time quests. No different than any of the holiday quests really. So I don’t see it continuing either.

Plus once everyone transfer’s back to Crom all the claim & vet items will open back up for those characters which will / could effect the characters and their questing.

oh cmon Funcom, its 10 year anniversary give us this gift xD. okok can’t blame me for trying :slight_smile:

The Saga of Zath promo pop-up did not say anything about killing all Raid Bosses, get a T-6 weapon. It said get a new character to level 80 , get a T-6 Weapon. No Raid Bosses mentioned. I feel deceived at this point. I don’t have lots of free time to catass a 23rd character in AoC. That’s 21 level 80 characters by the way (that’s worthy of a T-6 weapon right there!)

So tell me the truth someone please, how many Raid Bosses do you need to kill? All Raid Bosses? All Raid-Finder Bosses? Which bosses is FunCom requiring to be killed?

They should have been listed on the original advert for Saga of Zath, they need to be listed on the current advert for Saga of Zath. As is you are going to end up with thousands of players saying, “Where is the T-6 weapon you promised? I leveled my character to 80 as you required in the promo.”

You need to kill Leviathus in T2, Thoth Amon in T3, the Nergal Bat in T3.5 and Emperor Yah Chieng in T4. Raidfinder bosses to not count, it needs to be the real version of the raids.

In the advertisement (link below) it said that after reaching level 80, completing your destiny quest and one raidfinder raid you need to progress with classical raiding to finish the quest.

Reach Level 20 (100% EXP potion as reward)
Reach Level 50
Reach Level 80 (full T1 set as reward)
Fulfill your Destiny (Grim Grey God quest, T4 cloak as reward)
Complete a Raid via the Raid Finder (get the T6 necklace + 3 or 4 epic raidfinder caches, don’t remember the exact amount)
Classical Raid Progression (what I stated above, rewards you with the T6 weapon of your choice, a title and 20 Expertise Points)

If you start on the server now, sure, your time is limited. But the server is online for more 2 Months already, many people already got their weapons, it’s actually quiet hard to find people without it (not counting lowlevel players obviously). Raid still constantly run (mostly in guilds I guess) and people powerlevel to 80 in a few hours (especially if you got premium).

Can you please give a link to Promo that stated all you need to do to get a T6 weapon is to level up to 80?

As far as I know there was no advertisement that stated that you get a T6 weapon for just reaching level 80 on the server, most people just don’t read ads carefully and get disappointed when they realize what the ad really meant.
The ad in the item shop just stated that you can get T6 weapons as a reward if you finish the quest but it did not say what particular goal you had to reach in order to get them.

The original ad was the one that greeted you when you logged in. It just said get a T-6 weapon at level 80, did not say, get to level 80, kill four raid bosses, get T-6 weapon.

The part about killing the four raid bosses was also hidden in your quest log until after you completed the raidfinder part. So, no the only way you find out about the four raid bosses is on the website. Not in the game!!

Unfortunatly I, like you, have read the original News-flash not good enough.
If you scroll down the news page of the announcement you will find the following when you are halfway through:

"The Saga Quest

Shortly after washing ashore on Tortage Island, you are assigned a “Saga Quest” which tasks you with reaching various progression milestones:

Reach Level 20
Reach Level 50
Reach Level 80
Fulfill your Destiny
Complete a Raid via the Raid Finder*
Classic Raid Progression

Completing each stage of the quest awards a special vanity item or account-wide title exclusive to Saga of Zath, along with powerful loot including a Tier 4 Cloak and a Tier 6 Weapon and Necklace for your class!

  • The Raid Finder will not be available at the start of Saga of Zath. Don’t worry–we’ll turn it on shortly after the launch.