Now that Ethram Fal is dead

Hey all,

Ethram Fal lies defeated at the hands of The Ivory Tower. Congratulations to every member of the raid on the server first kill!

Now, as promised, this means everyone on the server gets a special vanity cloak. The way this will work is through a Claim - on Monday, we’ll work on getting the cloak to you. Thanks everyone, and congrats on the kill!


Sagablow has destroyed Ethram-Fal!

Shown as pop up to whole server
I guess I cannot really expect the same amount of fame on forums compared to what I got in game, anyways thx a lot! :smiley:


Haha yes, you did indeed get the killing blow. Congrats to you too! I got a good laugh out of the username :stuck_out_tongue:


I think I did most dmg dealt to boss, was that the reason or just the last hit that made it happen?

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Congrats Fireblow! :muscle:


Full kill video from stream, better quality will follow in a few days


The Embrace of Zath cloak has been delivered to your claims. All current and future Saga characters will be able to claim the cloak.

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Here is an edge case. Assume a Saga toon does not claim the cape while on the Saga Server for whatever reason. When that Saga toon gets transfered to Crom, will they still be able to get their Claim along with any 1 other character? Or do you have to claim it on Saga to get your total of two copies of the cloak on your account?