Troll Collection & Friends - Ethram Fal Kill



Today Troll Collection & Friends managed to kill ethram fal on saga of zath.
Here are the last 8%

I tried to get a better camera angle, so i dodged scropion kiting :wink:


Pm me link and I will edit it in to your post.


Unfortunately i guess i’m not even allowed to do that. I checked other users profiles and it seems that you have to reach a certain trust level to even do that.


Nice, gz. :slight_smile:


Hi there,

just wanted to thank you all who helped us for your support :slight_smile: and the great time we had together.
Special thanks to Terma for the lead and Fijn :kissing_heart:
as well as ccHunter for the video :wink:

It was real fun with you guys!


I was able to find the video on youtube, it’s now in the opening post.


Great work ethic sunstar! thanks :slight_smile:




Well done guys and gals!




Congratulations on the kill, must feel good to down it just b4 deadline :sunglasses::heart_eyes:


Yes sir! That’s a good feeling :wink: