Darfari fighter 1 vs New Asagarth on Testlive

Lvl 20 Darfari fighter 1 wearing craftable gear and some decent food; who needs a Dalinsia Snowhunter?


A good and informative video showcasing actual action. It was interesting to see also that, contrary to popular complaints, the whole town didn’t zerg-rush you at once. You were outnumbered but not overwhelmingly so.

It was also interesting to see my two least favorite weapons in action. Our playstyles seem very different - you accept being hit a lot more than I do, relying on hyper-armor more than dodging. I suspect it makes you more successful at fighting crowds like this where I struggle.

But the main point is, that thrall of yours didn’t exactly get torn apart by the angry mob. Quite the contrary, in fact. Hopefully this alleviates the panic a little for people who have heard rumors of this “massive nerf” but who have no first-hand experience. The world is still not ending.


Warhammer is simply the best weapon against hordes of enemys. Has great ae dmg and crowd control. For the second weaponset I prefer axe and shield.
You simply don’t need a thrall at all in New asgard. I always take a pet with me :smile:.

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What Increased Charisma gives besides a longer schlong?

Nothing as far as I’m aware, i ate buff fish which gives it too :slight_smile:

According to some users (maybe even you), this shouldnt be doable or?
“Steamrolling NA is bad at current live”.

Also how much armor value do you get from your armor?

Also thanks for the showcase, that when you are facing normal NPCs (not bosses) you are way faster if YOU (the player) makes the kills and not waiting for your thrall todo anything at all, because of the great AI thralls have - LIKE current live.

Good example how great the AI is: Your video at 6:50, when you helped your thrall…

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