Darfari too thrall?

I’ve seen it said in other threads that the Darfari are top thralls now? They do have damage modifiers to melee and ranged but a starting health pool of under 500? How are they top thralls? Do they get a ridiculous amount of vitality per point or something? What am I missing here?

I can see how they’d be great starter thralls if ur on a new server with nothing

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They’re Glass Canons, with rather low HP even with rerolls you can get about 3.5k maximum (but you can give them solid armor and food to alleviate the low HP), and a 3.2 melee damage multiplier.

Things just melt so fast that their HP doesn’t matter in PvE, and they do so much damage they can one shot players in PvP (if they get to hit though)

What is really broken with the Cannibal Brutes is that they are extremely accessible, you tame them super fast, and level them to 20 super fast… So they’re expandable on top of being super strong!


I see. Did learn something here though. Level them, put them in solid STR gear and give them a STR base bow like the EoK or B’sB and they probably are the best archers for the PvP servers

At the very least they tie with the Snowhunters for an archer spot(Dalinsias health pool is fairly solid)

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Also I know Teimos ranged modifier isn’t great but it is something and with a starting AGI of 30 and fast level up and proper gear and buffs etc. he’s not a bad archer

I have one that’s only at lvl 15 and he’s got an 80% ranged damage bonus

Take Gall or Hekkr: they have the same initial agility but a higher multiplier.

The Ritualist is an easy acquisition as well, as he/she will always spawn in the same location. Same with Thugra.

For testing purposes, login as an admin (can do this in singleplayer), and then have the follower you want to test to follow you. Then use the following commands:

GetFollowerStat DamageModifierMelee
GetFollowerStat DamageModifierRanged

This will tell you the full modifier for that thrall. If its 1.5 then it will do 150 damage with a 100 damage weapon. If its 3.2 it will do 320 damage.

So if a thrall has a high STR or AGI attribute you need to see if it actually is enough to pump up their damage to account for another’s modifier even if they have a lower score.

This is why STR/AGI damage equipment is so valuable now. Its 20-31% extra damage on its own.

Rebirth elixirs, that’s how :stuck_out_tongue: And yes, they do gain more health per Vitality point than the other competitors. You just have to pay attention to them while they are leveling as they start with low HP, but once leveled and after using a few elixirs they actually get better even at health than most others.

Keep in mind the command adds food bonuses so if your thrall has food on them, it will report an incorrect value. (will be off by 0.1 or 0.25 depending on the food quality)

That part’s not that simple :slight_smile: Weapons have individual modifiers per combo stage and now separate light / heavy damage… so the value what you see on the UI is pretty much never directly used in that fashion, it goes through pre-processing.

As for the second part that gets further multiplied by their primary attribute damage and then 10% of the secondary. The simplified formula is on the wiki

Typically it won’t since it gets multiplied by the multiplier as well :stuck_out_tongue:
As a random example the cannibal brute has a multiplier of 3.12 while the berserker has 2.24, that’s a 0.88 difference, however the berserker would need 98 STR points to balance that. And while equipment is nice ofc, you can equip that on either thrall so it’s not really a factor.

@WhiteRabbit you can just look at them on the spreadsheet I made if you’re curious :man_shrugging:


I wasn’t going to go into that amount of detail, just wanted to point out that attributes are usually less worth than the hidden modifier. Everything else is something both thralls would likely share. As you said, you would need 98 STR to account for the modifier when comparing the two in your example.

Yea ofc :stuck_out_tongue: I know you’re aware, I was just pointing out for them that while it’s a fair representation, that’s not going to be accurate… so they don’t come back complaining to you that they actually found a weapon with 100 damage written on it and the thrall with a 2.0 multiplier isn’t hitting for 200 :smiley:

@Xevyr, i love you man, you hold the Tugra of my dreams :metal:.
It’s very correct, i never understood why Darfari warriors couldn’t be as strong as others. Siptah and Surges came and covered this gap for me, my most sourges was always south ones for this reason. Especially for me Tugra has great sentimental value. Back when lava was hurting all the thralls, especially berserkers could die in a snap, Tugra was my only “friend” up there. You cannot imagine how many times he ended with the first decade numbers of hp, but hopefully never dead. The only “barricade” was his strength. Now that he is that strong and lvl up quick, it’s his time to shine.
Did you happen to check the ritualist? Is he-she get good stats too?

They are exactly the same statistically. The only difference is that the Rritualist in 75% of cases is a woman.


Where does the ritualist spawn?

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camp right above dregs dungeon, that’s where I’ve encountered it iirc


Correct. Usually they’re fighting a hyena or two, so act fast or they could get killed. If you don’t see them at all, check on the other side of the tall rock. When they’re not aggro’d, they’re kneeling down on the backside by the cliff. Care not to KO them over the cliff. :unamused:

Finally, after 2 months, I have finally managed to get a thrall leveled up to 20 without it dying. Yes , it was a Brute. How did I do it? I set the follow distance to max range and had her stand far apart from all the combat during the leveling process.

Totally happy with the results. Once leveled and refilled the Brutes do make good archers given proper gear. However, as a fighter, they just melt. The Cimmerians and Notds, and even the Relic Hunters are still the better option for a fighter thrall (in pvp servers)

On the other hand, this approach reduces the ability to influence the gain of the desired quality during leveling. Thrall does not take part in the battle, and will not take damage, which means that most likely the food in the inventory will not be eaten, and the selected quality will not receive additional percentages of the chance to increase.
I usually, on the contrary, let the thrall into battle, but dress him in appropriate armor.

@Teng i was doing this in real time, not single player.

I’m surprised you managed to make every other attempt die :rofl:

Leveling is the same for any way of playing.