Quick! Cannibal Brutes are getting nerfed!

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Cannibal brutes will have a reasonable damage nerf. If I place them in the world now before the update, they will keep their high Damage Multipliers right? I have heard about people who still had Teimos with 20k - 30k health from the time before they were nerfed, when the thralls despawned because of the decay timer.

This should mean that I can have a group of them with high Damage Multiplier if I place them in the world before the update right?
If true I should get a couple more. They are not bad as archers too with their 2.88 with how easy they are to get. :bongocat:

Unfortunately no.

These are some kind of cheat data. Teimos leveled out to a maximum of 15-16 thousand hp, usually to 10-12 th.


Followers usually (unless utilizing a glitch) simply use the new altered templates the moment the server is launched. If you’re looking to have top tier thralls when the update comes out, you need to Identify which ones are the best and farm those before the patch hits.

And pray they don’t change the template tables between the update on public beta and live. Which can happen.


Exactly- as Devs can change it at the last minute- its why , when it comes to thralls, i get any named at least once so i can see it. Deploying thralls only counts toward limit, the rest i keep in chests or vaults.

In single player, ill just spawn them in and check their multiplier that way after an update.

Darfari warriors shouldn’t be nerfed. It’s just people who fail to understand balance and finally devs have to change plans. Too many cries for absolutely no reason :confused:. It was beautiful while it lasted.


Absolute nonsense. Darfari are early game thralls with fast leveling difficulty. It is in no way “balanced” to have them be the top damage dealers in the game. They were even less balanced than Beastmaster Teimos was, and he went far too long before getting his well-deserved nerf.


Having an opinion, is ok! This Frase is not necessary i believe.

Every thrall that’s leveling fast dies fast and gain low hp. Don’t forget that the AI of the thralls is basic, so if they get staggered a bit it’s easy for them to die, very easy. So low hp thralls that hit a bit hard is balance. Plus Darfari are no early game thralls anymore, pve has become extremely easy so a player can easily go around the map very early in the game.
It’s not the game we learn to play Tephra, this has gone long time ago. Plus in pvp servers the whole philosophy is to dominate areas, the one who dominate south needed something strong as well.
That’s how i see balance, but i answered because i respect you and i would like to keep this conversation in a respectful lvl. Thank you for sharing your opinion, yet it’s impossible to change mine :blush:.


The Darfari do not gain low hp, they only start with low health, but gain nearly double the health per vitality point compared to a berserker. The low health is only an issue during training - which, again, is fast, requiring only a third of the exp that a berserker requires.

There never should have been a thrall you can nab on noob river that can level three times faster than an endgame thrall and hits 120% that of the notoriously hard-hitting Arena Champion. The nerf was inevitable because it was bad balancing using any conceivable metric by which balancing can be objectively judged.

This is exactly what I would call poor balancing. PvE should not be that easy.

Right, is that how you felt when you disrespectfully said, “It’s just people who fail to understand balance and finally devs have to change plans. Too many cries for absolutely no reason :confused:.”? Or you just feel that way now because you were called out on your failure to understand balance and are now crying out against the well-deserved nerf for absolutely no reason?


This opinion i respect :+1:t6:.

Yesterday i was training a Tugra. I was feeding him exotic feast, he end up lvl 20 1760 hp. At the same time i was leveling a Touras the predator. He went only lvl 12 until Tugra went 20 and Turas had almost 4000 hp. Now Turas is lvl 17 and he is almost 5k hp.
So yes, i know what i am talking about, really well actually my dearest Tephra, worry not.

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Touras the Predator gains almost double the health per vitality, but with less than half the damage of a T4 Darfari.

You can find other thralls that gain more health, yes, especially bearers, but none of them have a comparable damage multiplier to the Darfari. When comparing the Darfari to other high-end thralls, the Darfari gain more health in addition to their ridiculously high damage multiplier.

Being able to kill an enemy at more than twice the speed will result in the Thugra taking less proportional health damage than the Touras the Predator, so the higher health value is merely a distraction and doesn’t actually matter.

This is why melee multipliers being a hidden stat is so bad. They are the most important stat, and there is no way to find them in-game.


I hope they’ve found a way to divorce NPC stats from thrall stats, so Cannibal Brutes could still be a mild threat to beginner players wielding their bone weapons. The reason for the hidden multipliers is that NPCs in the wild with low-tier weapons wouldn’t hit like they were wielding feathers.

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Even with the reduced multipliers, cannibals are still pretty good. My ansina on public beta is pretty stout as a fighter. Took down the undead dragon in the sinkhole with ease.


Later on i’ll let you know :wink:.

I wish it was only this. I could say that the only clear is vitality, because you have the outcome of hp next to it, yet is vitality points affect the hp regen?
Then grit. Some low hp thralls seem to build in grit points a lot. Grit supose to rise the armor isn’t it? But why 2 thralls with so big difference in grit points, still have the same armor but the ones with higher like Darfari accept more dmg?
Generally the numbers we see mean something between same thralls and not between generally all of them.
I really hope i didn’t confuse you, sorry.

Let’s see if we can understand balance.
Tugra with lifeblood spear 65-21%

Turas with vaulting pole 65-21%

My stats

Turas was holding huge distance from the spider, he gave about 90 hits but only 10 landed. He managed to take after all these hits the spider to 10% hp but i didn’t want to see more, i finished the spider because poisoning was dropping his hp really fast.

Tugra landed almost all the hits he was playing the spider extremely close, but he didn’t manage to get the spider to the same hp with Turas, about 25% of her hp and i took the fight on me to finish it. He barely made it.

Let’s see what @Kikigirl and @Talyna will do with the same weapons…

… To be continued…

Relic hunters must have taken the most humiliating nerf of all times, worst damage and performance from all, the spider had 50% hp and i had to finish it my self…

But the Berserker?
She crushed the spider for fun

Let’s finish however with another easy strength thrall and another not so popular agility thrall

And Lian made it alone, not like the Berserker, he almost died, but he made it

Ghuriel didn’t, i had to help

So all the agility thralls, is better to be used as archers in purge. And Darfari, no matter how hard they hit, they are no better than other strength fighters.
Now they will only get worst, congrats!


I feel honoured!

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To everyone who replied! Thank you!
This game has so many obscure details regarding the Thralls, and it surprises me every time I learn something new. Did I understand it correctly that thralls can receive different amounts of damage even if they have the same armor value? And with the one with more grit receiving more damage to boot. I thought the armor value was all that mattered, but apparently there might be a hidden difference in thralls?
Did Thugra get rid of 90% of the spiders health in 10 hits? Or did you mean it only removed 10% health? Why did he miss 80 times? Though I think the AI between thralls is the same, I do think the size of the thrall affects some of their moves. I don’t think size matters for players though, besides squeeze through tight spots in bases. Can a different Brute with the same stats be less or more effective because of model size?
I’m just speculating. I’m glad this sparked a conversation at least. Thralls is a never ending debate

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Tugra missed the less than all of them and this can be based on luck. We use to use great swords on thralls, just for this reason, to miss the less possible.
The point of all this was not to see random facts that we all know, but how random factors can create gods when there is none. Tugra and every Darfari thrall hits hard indeed, from the very beginning, give them a momentum or a hanumans gada and enjoy their force. If you decide to play well trained with them, i am pretty sure you can even crash the Arena champion, i never did it however, it’s just a speculation.
Yet, this force is not enough, to get a good Thrall that will endure most of the random factors you have to go to berserkers again. But it’s really unfair that relic hunters that need exactly the same time to lvl them up not to be as good as berserkers :confused:.

They’re not that obscure :man_shrugging:
Here’s a list of all of them for example:

No they cannot. The armor protection formula is the same for players and all NPCs and creatures. So anything having the same armor value will have the same amount of damage reduction.

Doesn’t particularly matter… that’s one anecdotal result without any of the variables being controlled so pure RNG, there isn’t a single conclusion you can draw from that… (well there is, but I would rather not point that out :stuck_out_tongue: )

Thralls have the same AI, some might have different combo chains available than others, typically lower tier thralls will have access to reduced combo chains (1-3 attacks in a chain instead of full 4 combos for example), but typically T4 ones have access to full chains and in terms of hitting things perform similarly outside of unique bad RNG situations.

It matters for players too in a sense that the shorter the character the closer the origin point of the weapon collision is to their center → in other words, they have a shorter reach.
Though usually thralls don’t vary enough to make a very significant difference to where you would hunt them specifically because of their height, but more like a “nice to have” if everything else is already good.

It’s people on the internet… so sadly… everything is a never ending debate



It was not Tugra, but Turas. Turas is an archer, not a fiighter. He was doing more steps back than forth even if he was welding a spear :rofl:. This was a really funny “chicken” moment, he was hitting constantly away from the spider, like Sam on lord of the rings.

The size of a player use to matter in some boss fights, the sorter the better. Especially on the last Archivist that was welding a spear before, you could stand between his legs and accept no dmg at all. This guy use to be my first boss fight in pvp severs years ago.
About thralls size, i cannot tell, i never observe something like it. I do remember Spinas to be one of the shortest thralls but most vicious of all, so i don’t think size matters. Plus Tugra and Turas are almost same size.

I really don’t think, but i have one question please. Do you own a lot of thralls of the same kind? If you do, did you noticed different reactions while you were leveling them?

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