Test live using a dafari I fighter (one of the weakest thralls in game

HEre is the first round using Dafari I fighter with Godbreaker (bulk Plating) and Sword of Crom (MAster Fittling). Lasting Meal for food heal, and healing arrows.


And then you have people on reddit, who manage to lose lvl20 thralls (volcano or cims!!) against PvE content :smiley:

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Well I still have to do mob testing, poison bosses (snake). Those are the other 2 areas. Then final test is setting off a berserker purge, and see how Dafari and I do.

One guy lost it against the Arena champion… o_O A lvl20 cim.

But then again, someone wants to tell me that volcano archers have the highest range multiplier (compared to sepermeru), because “i dont know the hidden things”.
Reddit is a strange place :smiley:

All the multiplier data is great, but what most forget is to add in what weapon was in use. The SoC is really efficient for PvP, but when i run PVE with thrall, i am finding Aja’s bane to be a beast when it comes to DPS. It seems the combos are better suited for the RNG AI attacks than a 2H sword. But i could be wrong. That is one thing i will test as well. Boss v Dafari, SoC and aja Bane. See which is better, if there is a difference.


You are absolutely right. I would even add: all the legendary maces are now the new best weapons for thrall dps Wise. This is mostly because of 3 things you certainly have already noticed too:

  • The attacking rate + attack animations
  • pretty good armor pen + sunder
  • And the current state of ennemies hitboxes

Personnally i go with “Nortis” for my follower

And to be honest it feels Strange to me who has Always been a 2H sword lover for thralls, but i’m not complaining, as it makes us diversify our playstyle in some way


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