Make Fighter Thralls, fighters...not archers. Plus weapon balancing

I am often mystified to see that thralls that have the Fighter label, actually have little to no points in strength, but 20 or 30 points in accuracy to start out. That’s an archer, not a fighter. This literally creates a Meta. Everybody going after the same thralls for fighters.

Also, I have heard that each thrall has weapons they favor, and yet there is nothing that gives any indication as to which weapons each thrall favors. Being able to test this in controlled testing is not something the average person can do. A small text description as to which types of weapons the thrall prefers, would be optimal.

One problem I have with this, however, is Metas. You want players to have options, not all trying to do the same Meta. To do this, you literally need to different weapons classes (you have) with the same DPS (you haven’t) so that each weapons class is as viable as the next.

In other words, it would look like this. (small numbers used for clarity)

Best weapon in each class…10 DPS
2nd best weapon in each class…9 DPS
3rd best weapon in each class…8 DPS
4th best weapon in each class…7 DPS
5th best weapon in each class…6 DPS

You get the idea.

IMHO, this would be easy to achieve. You simply create a test simulator. Several bosses, and stronger creatures. You give a thrall a specific weapon, and let it fight these bosses, and a variety of other enemies. Time to kill is recorded, and compared against other weapons in the same level. Numbers are adjusted to bring the TTK even across the level, and to a number that fits the power implied…in other words…all 3rd best weapons with identical TTK, and somewhere close to the middle between 2nd best and 4th best.

This should include their bonuses, such as bleed, and cripple. But the testing to find average TTK would sort that. Now the only Meta might be that people want to mix the bonuses. No need to have 5 people applying bleed. Sunder, Shield Smash, Cripple, etc…would also need to be employed for maximum affect.

As it is, the way the RPG style of weapons trees is done, it simply creates Metas. For instance, everyone wants a Sword of Crom for their thrall. Why not make it such that there are a variety of weapons with such power?

They don’t. All the Thrall AI is the same on live (don’t know about Testlive though).

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Well, I suppose that’s good news, but it would be cool if each named thrall had a weapon they favored, and each weapon class had weapons that were balanced against each other.

Honestly, combat in this game is really boring. Every PvP video you watch is just a bunch of people running around with spears, stabbing and rolling. And for the love of God, get rid of the ability to fight using that orbital camera. That’s as lame as cheating. I cannot stand that you can run away from somebody, and see behind yourself as if you have eyes in the back of your head, so you know exactly when the other guy breaks off pursuit, allowing you to turn back to fight. Running away from somebody should carry both risk, and uncertainty. And risking a peak behind you should be even riskier in that you would have to turn your character, allowing a brief moment for the pursuer to catch up. I don’t mind an orbital camera for building, and for screenshots, but maybe disable the ability to do anything but walk when using it.

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Thralls are stupid. When you farm bosses long enough, you will see that often RNG is a big factor on how long it takes to kill a boss. So I dont know how good balancing weapons can be based on killtime from thralls.

Also the base stats are based on the faction. All from Relic hunters will have high ACC.

@Jim1 made a good wiki entry where you have an overview All combat T4 thralls with stats, sortable

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