Few Bullet Points from my brief run on Testlive

good news/Bad news–Good news i may get more time for testing, and finally learning to mod CE. Bad News is because on PS4 Official PVP, we have ran into a large group that seems to be exploiting. We magically lost stuff during non raid hours (We believe some sort of lag enter base during load in), and they used Body Vaults to circumvent a ban, as well as alts. My clan and I don’t have time or patience anymore to deal with that. And it is nigh impossible to prove, so we just are quitting for a while (gods may bring us back)…
Now back to the good news…testing on testlive
+Damage seemed to be higher (not too much) Like it.
+Could not drop the token from my player
+Pulled bracelet. could loot the Token
+Did kill Thralls instantly
+Did kill NPC’s instantly

Follower DMG and Health
Took a Janos (New Asagarth) level 0 thru most of the Warmaker’s Dungeon
Started at the 4 skeletons between dungeon and obelisk
I will post video once i get a chance to make some edits. Will post both unedited, and clips. Took @30 minutes to run thru to the Arena Champion. Got the Janos to Level 8. Used only gear that a new player would definitely know about by the time they hit level 60. Exceptional Heavy armor, Hardened weapons with hardened steel armor pen. Used only Haunch and healing arrows. Upgraded weapons as I got during boss drops.



@WhatMightHaveBeen, knowing it was late for you and understanding what happens to me under those circumstances I can certainly understand missing something, but the videos are marked private and I can’t view them.

Could you correct that when you have a few :coffee:s?




oops. let me go to my you tube page. I am not a professional influencer, so most of my videos are private lol.

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I got a hearty laugh out of this and knew the reference immediately. Thanks.




fixed it i think???

so i was able to get 3 Legendary weapons, an attribute buff book, and level my thrall 8+ levels. I also have the 2nd wight boss to upload as well. Tthe run time of the full video is 35+ minutes (will post the split bersion due to youtube length rules.) tonight. So that is 1 legendary every 12 minutes, with a mid level fighter thrall at early leveling stages. So, yeah, Thralls are still uber body guards.

Here is the final wight boss and the full length broken into 4 parts

You do know that, Lian (or Janos) are dmg wise the strongest thrall ingame… :slight_smile:

At least at live. Dont know how the melee multiplier good reduced at testlive.

so we are back to don;t use game items to make the game seem harder…I already am nerfed down to basic Harden steel weapons, and exceptuional encumberance gear. Imagine what me and thrall can do once i test with highest end craftable stuff???

And Dalinsa has many a time whooped Lian. Lian/Janos is good for what i am doing, playing the game as close to a newer person would who hit 60. they would havee easily found a Janos or Lian. Dalinisa is much more RNG. So i didn’t want the “but you know the game” complaints.that will defend having moving legendary drops.

No, but your wording.

He is not a mid-level figher. He makes the MOST dmg in the game as a fighter.

Dalinisa whoops most other ■■■■■ because of one thing: Her insane health. Thats it.

Lian & Janos hit the hardest in the whole game. Yet, you think its some kinda “mid range fighter”.

Both start with 30 STR (compared to any other high-end fighter who starts with 15STR) and has melee: 3.4125 (compared to high end with 3.9(2)) - at least at Live.

And because of that 15 more STR and the not so big difference in multiplier, he makes the most dmg.
Even the Chieftain fighter should do more dmg.

So basically, you run around with the strongest hitting thrall in the whole game and as long as you provide food, he will overcome his “weakness” (being a glass-canon, because of his low health).

With that said, Lian is definately mid game if you PVP. It is a throw away thrall we as pvpers see as trash because of the health. the damage is minimal compared to what a dalinisa does because of true DPS. meaning because i can kite and kill a Lian faster, the chances of dying to one are far less than a Dalinisa.
And the fact that Lian is a thrals (Janos as well) that most players run into makes them mid level in the sense a mid level skilled palyer will be using it. You do not understand what I am doing. But to simplify, I will be doing different tests with different fighters to give overall data. But as I said, Janos with hardened steel is definately mid level. High level would incorprate the higest tiered weapons and armor. And I am not even to that part of my testing. Sorry I can’t hit all YOUR goals in MY PLAY time.

Dude, everything Ok? You having a bad day?

You still didnt get my point at all. But its Ok, as you are mostly PvPer.

You take the thrall who has the HIGHEST dmg output from all thralls, against PvE bosses and yet you use PvP terms to put him in a “mid range”.

And also this:

You see the issue? :wink:

Yes for PvP Dalinsia and Cims are better. Because of the more health.

Against PvE bosses, it doesnt matter at all. And when you put food in his inventory (and/or using healing arrows), it really doesnt matter in normal PvE gameplay. Would be different, if you spawn several bosses at him.

So yeah, the strongest hitting thrall, who has at lvl0 already 30 STR is still strong in PvE content.
In PvP content, he isnt that great, because of his lower health - compared to other high-end thralls.

So in PvP content the midterm range is justified. For PvE its debatable…

And my answer was never meant as an attack or sth in that direction. So calm down. And thx for testing :slight_smile:

Because on officials, i can do that right?

As far as bad day…just tire of people on forums who…you know what, you are not worth my energy.

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Until they get minus str perks because archery is way better. :thinking:

lol but you sure do not mind telling the rest of us how to play do you. Funny how you do not like it anymore then the rest of us. Also the rest of us would like test live fixed so we can test too without some work around but 5 days, we just wait to be able to test ourselves.

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And the same can happen with any other high-end thralls :wink: Lian & Janos hit the hardest. Period. Yet people think they are garbage, WHILE CLEANING PvE content, because they are bad in PvP…

PvPers logic :smiley:

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Probably off topic in a way, but I love Lians, as they are so easy to get. Also they can get really high percentages to increase strength. So a Lian with 85% chance of increase per level with Gruel has 100% chance of increasing str every level. It is “almost” impossible to get that on Berserkers and Snowhunters. They have a different allocation of percentage points. Bring in Teimos and then you have another equation totally (they get an even higher allocation of percentage points and also higher HP). I have noticed I often get two strength points per level with a Lian. So without perks I can still get well over 50 strength at lvl 20.

Just to be devil’s advocate here, I too consider Lian/Janos to be mid-level.

Basically, with a level 21 javelin and a Tarman in medium armor, I can go capture a Lian with 100% spawn time.

His health (especially post-nerf) is pretty low compared to CBs, Deimos or Dalinsia. However, this usually doesn’t matter in PVE with food.

If you solo him, without a thrall, it is much easier to get him at level 25 or so, whereas a Cimmerian Berzerker or even a Dalinsia will completely wreck you (two hit kills even in heavy armor, blunted jav or reinforced steel truncheon, and 10 STR perk).

He’s got the damage to be top-tier, but he’s just not got the staying power. His modifier is still lower than Dalinsia/Deimos or CB. I consider him to be the first real “can solo a boss” thrall, but the others are top-tier.

Thank you…To me mid level describes than straight up base damage etc. how hard is it to get at certain levels, how they perform without the veteran knowledge, basically not fully utilizing the bbest stuff with it… A low level thrall to me is one without armor, iro/steel weapons and can be captured easily without fear of dying trying it as a level 20-29. Mid level is one that i run across, and can capture at level 30-40 eaily. Hardened and Ancient wepaons. High is one that can kill me if i screw up while capturing, and will have top tier end gome wepaons/armor.