Testlive has a TON of fixes, /kudos, team

My personal favorite is:

We also taught the general concept of personal space, especially during these trying times, to thralls and pets. They should no longer teleport or move so close that there’s no secrets anymore between you and your followers.

Hop on and try them out. Good stamina and shield changes also.




the hunt for the undocumented changes has begun, i do wish they are not introducing game breaking stuff in this patch (as they did the in the previous two)


Ima simple gal, I just want some communication and bugs fixed! ^.^
Maybe I can stop whining all over the forums about it now :wink:
Also kudos Funcom, good work <3

PALM! Shhhh! Don’t ruin my hopes and dreams over here! :stuck_out_tongue:

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To which I say it works at least for me it does, I took my follower out to Set city and the volcano and he stayed a good distance away just far enough he would be aware of a fight but not so close I felt impaired by them in any way, I have to say it feels like a good distance to me. So far its a good change.

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Will I not be stuck inside my horse anymore? I need to see that to believe it


We’re preparing documentation and plan to release it as soon as possible so you can give it a go. We’ll also leave the soon-to-be outdated systems in place for a while so the transition is gentler and not as sudden.

From the modding discord. Hopefully this means that we won’t see mods break too badly on 2.2 patch day.


Kudos, glories, and assorted beads, baubles and tinsel to Funcom staff for churning through the stuff listed.

Hopefully the Community will be patient with modded server downtime whilst the heroic Modders sacrifice food, sleep and family (but not drink - you know who you are) whilst updating their work.

And the tired, old reminder to Private server Admins:
Make complete backups of Server(s) before the Update. Save copies locally. Warn your players ahead of time so you don’t get screams from your player-base (because you have not instantly resolved everything!)


I think the “Thrall damage to Players” slider will become a popular new feature on private PvP servers (and hopefully something that’s maybe not set to 1.0 on official PvP servers, too). It’s something that has been much requested.

(Now, if we could have a “Thrall damage to NPCs” slider too, for those servers who’d rather tone down thralls in PvE situations too. Pretty please with a severed head on the top?)

Also, archers rejoice, as the bug causing Accuracy 40+ to cause less damage seems to have been fixed, too.


Id crank it up, but I second the notion!

On my servers, and adds are balanced by subtracts - you want more harvesting, you get faster decay. You want to cause more damage, well then, so does the Maelstrom or beasties #balance :wink:

Looking forward to (hopefully) seeing the revamping/de-cluttering of the core game continue.

My favourite is: high harvest rate but extremely long respawn times.
There you see people thinking twice before building a 6 storeys castle :slight_smile:
Also there’s actually fight for resources

And PVE-C, please. But I’m not holding my breath.

Only 6?


On a more serious note, I’d rather see people build a 30-storey castle with a small enough footprint, than a walled-in village sprawling over a full grid tile or a “road” that spans 75% of the map.


Wait… there is actually a point to Testlive?

I was (genuinly) under the impression that no bug reported there ever got looked at? When did that change.

[Absolutly 100% serious here, really had gotten the impression Testlive was a waste of Hard drive space from the feed back (& direct observation of reported Bugs makign it to live releases a week or two later)]

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Count yourself fortunate. I’ve seen “Alpha clans” build three grid walled-in villages. And that was just their main base.

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