Up coming patch and mods

This a courtesy post, and slightly begging post.

The up coming patch, as you are probably aware, touches a ton of stuff. Mods all over the place are causing all sorts of crashing and other issues when using them on testlive (and no, the developers cannot build around widely used mods, it doesn’t work that way).

Whenever the patch drops, if you are using mods, please keep that in mind before submitting bug reports. Please also allow us mod authors time to get our mods updated, I promise all of us are just as eager to get our stuff fixed as much as you are.

Now with that in mind, I’m going to try and sleep so I can be up early to try and tackle said mod updates as quickly as my mind and body allow :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy patch day (hopefully, and if not today because of more found issues, then consider this an extra early post for whenever the patch does drop :stuck_out_tongue: ).


Sleep well Multigun !
And thanks for the community reminder !

And yes folks, hit the back-up button before the update one, we never know, be smart and patient ! thankies to all modders and devs !

Good thinking, Multigun. I’m sure there are loads of people who are enthusiastically looking forward to the big update. It would be a shame if the big day turned into a major disappointment for them because their favorite mods broke something.

(Note to self: backup the save before going to sleep.)

You guys are absolutely awesome. I don’t know how you do it :heart::heart::heart::confetti_ball::tada:

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I dont have my server on auto-update to ensure i can stop it and make a backup before updating. Always smart to make backups!

Thanks for the heads up @Multigun. Got a few of your mods installed, so awesome to know your on it!


Going to give this post a little hipcheck given the game’s update for today.

Well said, Multigun.

Yep Multigun - I just mistakenly reported (and retracted) a ‘bug’ of thralls not being able to be rotated whilst being placed. Otherwise, so far, all 100% (PC-server)

Aha! busted! :wink:

I just wanted to make a quick statement about how much we appreciate our modding community and the hard work that goes into not only creating but specifically updating mods as we patch. We are aware that this recent patch process was not ideal to say the least. We are painfully aware that this is not easy for modders to keep up with and we will work in being better and improving on patching processes going forward.

We already managed to be faster with having the DevKit ready more reliably but there is always room for improvement from our side.


Modders need to dust off their brains occasionally. The update-stress is good for them :smiley:

PS: …um…I am sure ‘lions’ were not active previously…? :slight_smile:

Guess I have a million things to work on today. If anyone needs me, I’ll be crying over all the mod updates I have to do :stuck_out_tongue:

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