This patch hurt

Game mode: Online private
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First time logging in after the patch… and we lost all our mods. I play on perhaps the most-modded server there is, so the end result is, I lost all my castle walls (left me with nothing but a floor), lost all my jewel and alchemy components because they were in mod chests, lost all my good weapons and tools, lost half my crafting stations (thralls too), all my leather, and so on and so on…
I hope our admin can get it fixed, I don’t wanna go back to Star Metal. I strongly suspect I’ll check in tonight and it’ll be wiped. Starting over again one way or the other, I guess (sigh)

I realize this isn’t Funcom’s problem, since it’s all mod-related, but I just wanted to let them know it’s happening.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.Log in
2.Most of my stuff is gone

Any update will mess up your mods. This is known. The more mods you play with, the greater the odds for catastrophic failure. After a major update, it’s suggested you wait until your mods have been updated before logging in.


I wonder why though? I think it’s pretty much common knowledge in ANY game that official updates will break many mods due to the changes. Since Funcom isn’t the owner of these mods the mod authors need to update their mods, and FC can’t push back official updates just because of mods.

Why don’t you/your admin use a backup? By now most of the mods have received an update.

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Server I play on closes and stays closed until all the mods are updated for this exact reason. They also take backups.


And even if your server does not provide backups. This patch was communicated beforehand. I suggest that next time you store all your valuables, workstations and especially crafters in some nice old fashioned chests build on unmodded foundations. Also make sure that your thralls are on ground level so they do not fall to their deaths when modded support buildings collapse.
I understand this will not help you at this moment, but i suggest for next time…

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100% @Anglinex - on my servers, players know that the standard process for any Update/Patch will be that the Server will go down, be backed up, and then updated - and then locked for players until all mods are updated and have tested okay. Most popular mods have a discord group and the Mod Devs keep everyone updated on timeframes.
The Admins check the server and then open it. Sometimes it’s hours later, occasionally more.

If it turns out that a loaded mod is no longer being updated and remains broken, all players are warned and then mod is removed. Anything based on that mod will disappear and Admins can compensate players.

Check with the Admins on your server what process they follow. Perhaps they can adjust it or offer materials in compensation because they are opening the server too soon?

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This is not going to be the last patch that breaks mods. This is actually pretty tame compared to other patches in the past. As multiple people have already stated, best adapt for the future. And also consider cutting down your mod list if you want to avoid complications. There is no avoiding this and nothing Funcom can do, unless you ask them to stop updating the game.

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I was a bit cranky about mods and update, but hey
I do keep redundant autobackups, that way even if something messes your game.db during transition you simply load said backup and move on

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