Disappointed in having to restart yet again after an update

So this is what I logged in to find. First off let me say I loved this game, I really did but just so frustrated what the state it is in, in the fact update after update breaks our game in some way or gives us nerfs that make our game play worst each time. Yet still I play it and restart and work to build up my base, yes I play single player with my bf as I am not much for how officials handle some alphas, I also play on a server with others , a private server yes, but again that is personal preference but yesterday took the wind out of my sails and makes me wonders what direction Funcom is really going with some of these changes and makes me wonder if that road is even for me anymore. Undecided yet but sad at all these bugs and changes.

I lost every thing but thralls who were naked but showed ghost armor on, no weapons on any thrall, a few chests which were empty, all my resources which were said chests just gone, all vanilla every thing gone also, shrines every thing. My inventory was empty as was everyone’s at my base.

Before anyone comments this was mods, were they updated and those question this was not mods, Mods do not delete your vanilla items such as shrines and vanilla inventory of thralls or player.

Every vanilla bench and bench thrall just gone, like they were never there! But see funny thing is the mod items are still there. I show I have clothes on but in reality I am naked as there is nothing in my inventory. Strange right, but not thinking that mods made my vanilla stuff disappear.


So get update , mods update, start game and puff all your vanilla stuff is just gone its a very big wake up call.

Sorry not sure why have to click on shot to see it , I cant seem to get it to show up correctly.

That didn’t happen to any of my games, modded or modless. And mods absolutely can delete your vanilla items or muck with your game in a variety of ways. I have no idea what happened to your server or why, but you should chill a bit with the accusatory tone.

Also, rose tinted glasses and all, but server admins should always back up their server before updating. I’m sorry this happened, really sucks.

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I hate to say it but it was very likely one of your mods installed. Was this a private server? A single-player? Don’t you have another save or a backup to do a rollback?

Accusatory tone and where do you get that? I accused no one of anything not even Funcom other then of the bugs which lets be serious the forums are filled with those reports.

Glad it has never happened to you but I did not have one rose tinted glasses and as someone who mods for Fallout, Skyrim and other games I am pretty careful what mods I add to my Conan game.

All saves give same result I really wish they did not and no did not do a full back up yet as new play though and only a couple of weeks in. Oh yes it was in SP on officials.

You accused Funcom of releasing an update that deleted all your items. :man_shrugging:

No, I am sorry but I did not accuse Funcom of deleting my items, I stated that the update had bugs and I did not think mods did it and both are true. And for whatever reason I lost things and that I did not think , the word THINK it was mods. If I had wanted to accuse Funcom of it being their complete fault I would have said Funcom deleted my assets. Do not put words in my mouth or comment that were not intended and if I seem a bit salty well I am , its very frustrating.

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