Official Server 1022 Lost everything in my inventory plus body naked, also map completly blank except bedrolls

Hi after the 500 patch, my body is completely naked, all my inventory is missing as if I died, but I logged off in my base & I was fine. But when logged on after the patch I lost everything. Also, map as totally wiped clean except for the bedrolls. I have lost legendary weapons & my Legendary Hypborian armor, it is really making me think about quitting the game. I have played just under 300 hrs & was really enjoying the game till now. Also Journey as reset.

No map locs and B key not working here

Map locations reset after your first death (I think).

Yeah, I logged on briefly to see if some of the bugs other people were reporting were affecting my server. Non of my old crafting stations have vanished, the swamp looks normal but I was naked. All my inventory and equipped items gone.

Same. server 1818 and its happened to others on that server. Hope funcom folk
s around to fixing all the bugs they introduced in the last patch

Yea, I have the same problem. Im pretty sure a full chest of armor disappeared too. It was late at night, and I was just putting a lot of items in my chest. But Im certain I didn’t have any chest that was completely empty. In fact, I remember thinking, where am I going to put all this crap. Along with my journal being reset/not working. Map locations not discovered any longer.

Good thing is I seen the developers reply in one of the threads. They are aware, and working on it. :slight_smile: Im a fairly understanding and patient person I think. So, I like the game to much to stop playing just because a patch messed up some stuff. I can always regain whats lost. Im more concerned with the picky players quitting the game, lowering the player base.

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