I died and the server crashed right after. My corpse went with it

I don’t think I need to express how displeased I am by losing all of my high end tools, weapons, and epic armour I had on me due to a server crash on an official server. I also highly doubt anything will be done to reimburse my loss of items, but I will ask anyways. Can I have my items restored since they were lost due to an official server crashing? Server #1942.

I am hopeful for an official response of some sort or another, however, because depending on the response I get (or lack thereof) I feel like I will very likely become one of the many who begin to actively boycott funcom. After all of the problems I’ve put up with in the hopes that things would improve, this is the straw that will quite possibly break the camel’s back.

I had a similar issue.
I think my client crashed, and when restarting I was in the desert and not my bed,
So I removed my bracelet and spawned in my bed.
Then I noticed there was no death marker near where i was when the game crashed, so I went looking.
I had a lot of high end gear, so eager to get it back.

I finally found the body, but couldn’t loot it.

Logging out and in again showed my body a couple of virtual meters further where I could loot it and then saw that the death marker was back.

Yes, I think deaths when client or server crashed aren’t handled very well by the game.

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