Server crashed and I woke up dead and without my items

I was playing yesterday, 05/26/1919 and out of nowhere the server crashed I can no longer log in the game, opening the game the next day I did not have all my items, I opened the log record and I saw that everyone had deteriorated. and bad thing you lose your items because of a server error being that it was inside my room in my base.
what should I do? can you open support for this?

If this was a private server, you can try petitioning the admin/owner of that server. If it was an official server, there’s no recourse - there’s no admins on official servers.

It was official server! Is there somewhere I can open a ticket?

There is unfortunately not. This game does not offer that level of support.

That’s not a bug or an exploit, its just an unfortunate thing that happens every once in awhile. They will not roll back a server for one persons loss, sorry. Most of us have experienced this in one form or another. best thing to do is have a back up set of armor and tools / weapons at all times.

I’m sorry for your loss. Saturday evening I was showing my wife my new Epic Turanian Heavy inside my Khitan Castle on the Spillway. Logged off for pizza night, came back and everything was gone. Killed by heat, total bonehead move on my part.

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Yeah, but on the plus side, you had pizza, so not a total loss, right?


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