After our server crashed countless times yesterday, all my gear is gone!

Official Server 6106 was being maelstrom cheesed yesterday and crashed many times. I heard in chat that you guys nabbed the culprit today :policeman: Awesome.

I was trying to get home late last night through multiple server crashes and finally gave up around 2am. I figured I would log in today after work and finish my journey before PVP hours. I logged in to find all my gear gone. I checked the Event Log and there is no record of me dying in the past 5 days. So I don’t understand where everything went. Really this is due to an exploiter ruining my experience. I just want my hard-earned legendary items back!

Please help or point me in the right direction if possible! Thanks for your time.

I see now that I can’t mention Community Managers due to being new on the forums - Can someone get their attention please?

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Ah, I’m allowed now! @Community please read :point_up:

Unfortunately, your gear is gone. Funcom do not offer such kind of support. They do not restore items.

The day will come that you will forget what you lost today, keep playing, keep forward. What happened to you is unfair, I totally agree, still, in this game, prepare to loose everything, have fun :wink:.


Sorry for the loss. It may happen at times. I am sure you will build better things in the future.

After the second time my best bud left the game.


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