Spawned naked in unknown area

Official Server: PvP-Fast #212

Last week my base was raided and 80% destroyed.
My rawhide bedroll was still there and marked as my current spawn. So I logged out in the ruins.

A few days later I logged in again.
I spawned totally naked with all me inventory gone.

The strange thing is that my last log out and my bedroll were in the dessert.
And I spawned far away in the frozen north in a place I have never been.

Were you in a green grassy area with rolling hills and a broken aqueduct? If so, it’s a known bug. You respawned at the 0,0 point.

Dunno what the status on it is. Easy work around is to pull bracelet. Worst case it’ll send you back to the desert.

Yes! It definitely looked like this.
Thank you for the information. The bug was not yet known to me.

This has been fixed on testlive servers already.

Good to know. I cant wait until the next patch of the official [live] servers.

This happened to me also on the solo/co-op mode. I was new and still in the desert region, when I died, I didn’t respawn back in the desert but instead ended up in the north part of the rainy area just south of the frozen north. This happened repeatedly, over a couple days. Never been there before and was on the solo server (PC). I ran all the way back to the desert XD (repeatedly). However, as of last week, this has not happened, so I can confirm that it has been taken care of.