Again Naked in the Desert without reason

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [EU]

EU 1031 keeps doing the same to my character i login every time naked in the desert lost all gear again wth guys check this bug i cant play with this …

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.i log out in the middle of my base
2.i log in and my character is naked in the desert death messege or deathmark on the map
4.i run back to the base and the workbenchs and chest are there but i loose all my gear on character base is not raided

I’m having same issue. I’m ready to give up.

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Sounds like the offline thirst and/or hunger modifier isn’t set to 0. That’d explain why you wake up in the desert. Does this happen if you log out and back in immediately? Or just after some time of being logged out?

After at least 16 hrs…sleep work, you know

I have the same problem and started putting my stuff in a chest before I log out. I always spawn in the desert when I log in.
It does not happen when I log off for a short time (like trying some things in single player for two hours and then coming back) But after 8 hours of sleep I ended up in the desert again.

My partner logged out in the same spot, had less filled food and water bars and still spawned in our base (after the same time logged out of course). Others on our server don’t seem to have the problem either. (Official EU PvP 1077)

Please resolve this bug :sob:

Then it seems there’s a server setting issue. Its not one that is displayed ingame. Its in the server’s config file though. Its usually 0 so you don’t starve/dhydrate offline. But if its set to even 0.1, you’ll die in 16 hours easy.

I’m playing on official server. No way they expect us to stay online 24/7

Don´t run to your base, just remove bracelet and spawn at your bed.

That doesn’t explain why some have the problem and others don’t. :confused:

But it might still be that it’s a water/food issue. Everytime my character gets logged in in the desert, one or both are very low (not like the character just died, rather that he died a while ago already) Btw, I just logged in only 6 hours after my last login and I spawned in the desert again…

Have you tried a different server? I know this issue does not happen on servers where I can actually see the config file (maybe not me personally, but I can ask the admin/owner).

Official servers are just 40 man servers on Gportal. I’ve had a 10 man server there. The only difference between my server and theirs is they have the encryption to mark theirs as official, and they rented a 40 slot server (well 387 at least), other than that, official ran identically to mine.

I haven’t tried another one recently, but I have had the problem only after the latest patch when they changed that the bodies remain in game while offline again.
But what I wanted to say is, that it’s just weird that one or two people on a server have the problem and others there don’t… they have the exact same settings after all. That just can’t be right. Looks more like characters get bugged somehow.

The only time this happened to me, it was due to having logged out while my character was near to a heat source and thus overheated when I wasn’t online.

It seems that some crafting stations are heat sources even when they’re off… in my case, it was either the blacksmith bench that was near, or the many furnaces in the room above. To make matters worse, I was wearing cold protecting armor from the north.

I had my partner watch my character when I logged out. I fell to the ground uncouscious, full health, food and water, in the middle of our base, where nothing able to kill can reach me, also no heat or cold problems (I can survive there naked as I was while online). I was lying there all the time, until he logged out.

Still when I logged back in, about 6 hours later (maybe 2 hours after my partner has seen me still lying there), I stood in the desert and had no corpse anywhere and no death message.

if you are admin of your server you should try to active this setting in your ServerSettings file :

You should try a test.

Login, eat and drink till full. Logout for about an hour. Then log back in and see if you’re still full on hunger and thirst. If not then we’ll know for sure its a server setting issue and not a bug.

Okay, I’ll do that :slight_smile:

Well, yes, water and food are sinking, but very slowly. After about an hour I had 99/100. If it goes down at that rate, it shouldn’t kill me after 6 hours, right? :slightly_frowning_face:

I’ve had the same issue three times as well. Some of my Clanmates have had the same issue as well. EU 1307 Offical

The problem is the frost if u left your character without resist in the north he dies…