Waking up dead since last patch

So for the second day in a row, I have logged off full health, full food, full water and woken up dead in the desert. I have no idea what is killing me since I am in a large very protected base that is fully upgraded. There is never a death marker, likely because it is long past by the time I log on in the morning. Does anyone know a way around this? I have decided that I am now for sure logging out naked with no inventory as this is the second silent legion armor set and weapons that I need to replace. Not really a huge issue, but rather aggravating.

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have the same issue once
see similar reports on russian forums (goha.ru)

MAybe settings changed back und u simply die from Thirst or hunger !??! , we got the same problem, after Server settings get changed back to default, we fixed the settings back to the old and than it doesnt happend again.

Same hapent to me ones, waike up in the desert. Had a bead i was bound to. That i was raided and everythign was smached but when im came home again everythign was normal. exept from my armror that i had workedhard for to get when i was still quite low level at that time….

hm… twice

have logoff yesteday inside base, login today in desert

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