Finding myself naked and in the desert when I log back in

Game mode: Private server | PvP
Problem: Bug
Region: EU

I logged out inside my base in Frozen North with Silent Legion armor + Telith’s Sorrow on.

I logged in an hour or two later from the same pc, but different location (drove from my parents place to my appartment in the meantime).

I now find myself in the desert (starting location) completely naked and no items in inventory. I suicide to ress at my bed inside my base. There is no sign of my corpse or the items I had on me + in my bags.

My base is complete and there is no spots where someone could enter my base and kill me while I was gone (unless they broke a wall and rebuilt it!).

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log out in Frozen North inside your base with Silent Legion armor on. (Attributes for self regen, reduce weather etc is selected to out-regen the damage taken from extremely cold).
  2. Log back in an hour or two later and find yourself naked in the desert?

check your event log to see who/what killed you

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There was nothing there regarding my death or any recent events.

A nice admin gave me back my gear though.
Would probably not be that easy on a public server, or with a non active admin on a private server. :slight_smile:

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Same happened to me right now. Los all my cool stuff on official #1149.
Was inside house, logged in an was naked on my bed roll. The purge bar got reset somehow, but there was no purge, at least no corpse, no destroyed stuff and I was in a special room wich is the safest place in my house.

I guess nobody can give me my stuff back, and this. Also couldn’t loot my corpse before because it wasn’t simply lootable. This is not much fun to start over and over again.

This is an issue on our server as well and I have had to recoup someone’s gear for them using admin powers. I found that by turning the body persists in the world after log off that that cleared the issue up but no log tells you what killed you.


same thing happened to me. logged out last night up in the north inside next to the bed, no frostbite or hunger/thirst. logged in today and was south on the broken highway with no items and no death marker on the map.

The exact same thing just happened to me. I logged out yesterday (about 5 hours ago), in the Frozen North, inside my house (close to Dragonmouth’s Entrance), wearing Silent Legion’s armor, Telith’s Lament and a Dragonbone Shield. Logged in today, only to find myself in the desert. Climbed back up, but no body to loot. I guess the life regen is not working when you log out? My death warning said “You were killed by yourself”. Nothing showing up in Events Log.

I guess I’m unlucky, tho, since I play on a official public server (PvE #1976)… so no admins to help me with this issue.

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Same happened to me twice. logged out in the north also, but in a house.

Did you wear Silent Legion armor when logging off?

Silent Legion Armor, while one of the greatest and strongest armor in the game is not protecting you against cold, but heat. So could the cold-factor be the culprit, or part of the bug-mecanisme ?

Would be interesting to see if this happen still with this armor. But i doubt. The respawning in desert is an old bug plaging the game since start. It seemed be fixed, and i barely experiment it in SP and on my own server now. But it can still happen.

Happened twice to me and one time to my brother last couple of weeks. Has not happened after we took off Silent Legion armor and stuffed it inside a vault before logging off.

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that’s an interesting fact.

I use lot the Silent Legion Armor, mostly to go volcano. But of course, when i go home to my nothern base, near the big damm, i remove it and wear a warm armour. If you look at you character you can see how efficient the armor is against heat, so it’s probable that some of the characters died because of cold after people logged out.

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You’re dying to extreme cold while logging off, the perks dont seem to work while logged off. Place a fireplace in the room where you log off or simply remove silent legion gear to get rid of extreme cold.