Thank you guys so very much

Thank you for patching 500 things at once, and literally destroying everyone’s game experience, and running off the people in my server. People aren’t coming back now. People who have been on since beta. People who make the server awesome.

The amount of things your patch destroyed, poofed, wrecked, broke, and malfunctioned, is mind boggling.
I suppose I have not complained until the release. I’ve tried to be up going and hopeful.

This sucks. Thank you. I’ll be moving on.


You’re not the only one. I’m giving it another month, two max.

Yep, the big patches just don’t work. Last time, the guys on our private server, incl myself had many issues, and it seems that this has happened again, to many, many players.

Funcom, please enjoy your holidays as you have several metric crap-tonnes of stuff-ups to fix when you get back, if there’s anyone left playing.

And remember…small simple patches on a regular basis, ok?