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While I don’t think Funcom is actively ignoring your reports (the event log being dramatically expanded could be a result of this feedback, or at the very least help encourage it), I think you have done an outstanding job of highlighting this issue. I’ve said this before, but as a builder, it breaks my heart seeing these reports. I truly, really, hope Funcom can isolate the issue and get this resolved. Hopefully the new and improved event log (whenever it’s released) will also help with that.


Just wanted to add my sympathies. I’ve never experienced anything like this (in singleplayer) yet I can imagine how it must feel. Can easily understand why players get a bit hyperbolic or heated at times. Games should be our fun time away from the problems of the world/our lives, so when stuff gets badly messed up in our games, yeah it can be really frustrating.

Especially if you’ve spent ages farming and grinding out an epic build or something and… * poof *

The Funcom devs truly seem like a decent crew… management I have doubts about. I also suspect that they’re understaffed for a game of this scope and complexity.


Funny fact: Funcom’s CEO is someone who worked his way up from AI tech to CEO :ok_hand:t3:, he wrote a thesis on AI when graduating. Seeing the AI in this game he should be ashamed tho, I really wonder if he is aware of the poor(almost non existing) AI in CE.

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The issues you described is from a bloated database file. There is no bug fix for this simply because there is just software and hardware limitations at play. The actual fix is to periodically wipe the servers. For official, due to the migratory nature of players, should opt for a 3 week wipe cycle.

That would fix every issue you described.

Stuff disappears because you place something, store something, or pick up something. It is in the RAM of your computer and the RAM of the Server. But due to the congestion of the game.db file. It never gets written (or is overwritten at a later date). Hence why it seems to disappear without a trace or log of it happening.

To use an analogy. You have a gasoline powered car. Its tank of gas size and fuel efficiency ensures you can go 300 miles. The official servers are trying to coast to 600 miles.

It doesn’t work. Its not designed for that, and physics just doesn’t allow for it. So you have to refill every so often. Or in the case of servers, wipe those databases.


It always cracks me up to see your attempts at explaining how the game works when you actually have no clue.


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