Really wish Funcom would think of this…

When Funcom patches out a bug, such as what was patched out today for example, I REALLY wish they would find a way to erase the duped mats, explosives, etc. On official 6101 there is a clan called “Chaos” that has giant towers spammed with endless amounts of palisades to the point that anyone goes near their base, it crashes the server. You try to raid them. It crashes the server. The server today alone has crashed several times already. Every time they log in to their base, crash. You can’t pvp that. I love pvp and having a good fight but you can’t fight dupers that lag out the server. Is there any possible way to somehow figure out how to remove objects from the game that weren’t legitimately crafted or farmed? There has to be something, they are literally sitting on endless amounts of materials and they haven’t even been on the server that long.

I’m not an expert on their implementation but each object would have to keep a record of when and how it was created in order to be able to even attempt to automatically process which are “authentic” or not; which I do not expect to be the case. I cannot fathom a way to do this task that is not at least partially dependent on human effort driven moderation, which there are already bad feelings about in the community.


Other games have managed to do this. Some devs have actually went in game and burned up peoples builds that were illegitimately created with duped items. I’m not saying for funcom to do this but I wish there was a way to remove it. I could go the route of submitting a report against them for not following the TOS which their build is in violation of but I wouldn’t even need to do that if the duped stuff was just removed. Ugh. I know it’s probably a lot of work but this just seems corny they get to run around with numerous vaults filled with mats. Anyone playing legit can’t compete against that.

Agreed, in the meantime could try to report them for abusing land claim size. Maybe that will remove some of it. But I really wish they removed duped mats or in worse case wiped the servers and kept player levels and recipes.

Report them. This is precisely why server moderation exists in the first place.

We’re not talking about “reporting meta” here, we’re talking about exploiters who keep crashing the server. They deserve a permaban.


When there is a duping bug PVP servers should be reset. PVE…ehhh. I’d say a wipe in that case should be at the discretion of Funcom with community feedback.

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when there is people using third hack program and that are not punished i don’t think the someone that use simply what is in game need a permaban, but yes if it cause a problem to the server an admin should erase the base, and if it is obvious that the build intention was to make lag a temp ban, and we hope the admin will also go undermesh and in the sky to give permaban to people using cheat and exploit for real.

They both need permaban. It’s absolutely ridiculous to defend people who use an exploit intentionally and to such a degree.

As a real-world analogy, I don’t think anyone would say “let the mugger go because a wife-beater wasn’t arrested”.


Are you referring to the duplicate bug? Wasn’t that included in the recent patch notes? I might be mistaken but I swear I saw that, in which case your issue with spamming endless artefacts will be resolved.

Now I recommend taking screenshots of what you see and attach them to a report to Zendesk. Select “land claim spam” as your option.

Good luck

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Yeah they did patch out the duping but they duped for several weeks straight and they have amassed vaults worth of materials. You can’t wipe a clan that can just plop down new tier three blocks like it’s nothing. We had four clans hitting them, and magically the server crashes and we all are dead. We were spread apart too (so we wouldn’t kill each other cuz we aren’t in the same clan). Now as I’m writing this, the server crashed again right in the middle of raid time right after one of their clan mates relogged. Too convenient to say the least.

I went ahead and reported them but my single wimpy report won’t get noticed sadly.

In my experience Zendesk has acted on reports. You should have hope!

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That could be quite easy actually. You could easy check how much time lasts between creating an item and everything faster from a player would be deleted since there is 99% that this item was duplicated. For example.

If crafting explosive barrel lasts 10s (even with multiplayer on crafting set by the server) you can calculate which are created between). You maybe would not be able to clean it up entirely but most stuff created by duplication would be gone.

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So they showed up to our base tonight. We fought them. I killed the main guy that we believe is ddosing the server. Instantly the server crashed as soon as he got killed. This is like the tenth time with these guys and ONLY these guys. I’ve warned everyone on the server that if they want a clean, well ran server, we are all going to have to band together and report these guys. The server was down for five minutes. Of course they never get kicked out. So they looted my clan while we were offline and killed us. Then bragged about it in global. Then threatened us if we report them they will shut the server down. I sent that over to zendesk as well. I just wanna play the game lol.

That’s actually a very interesting idea! and you’re right, it should be much more manageable. although it is still extra work and the servers run like dogs as it is so we’ll be waiting for a while I think :frowning:

They patched 1 way of doing it yes. There is still 1 way to go.

Seriously? No wonder we aren’t making a dent. They take down the server constantly too. It’s so aggravating. The whole server that isn’t them has reported them and still nothing.

They ddos’d us in mid raid tonight. I can’t access 6101 now. It just continuously keeps me on the load screen. I can join any other official but not that one. Chaos has been made aware that multiple people have submitted reports so they’ve got their kids playing in an alternate clan so if they get banned they can log in and get their stuff. So banning doesn’t really help when people do that.

Good luck getting the goons banned. They wiped my clan while my clan randomly got kicked off the server mid raid. Magically they always stay online. They’ve been reported idk how many times and zendesk is dragging their feet. Their builds alone is enough to ban them much less the use of hacks, ddosing, duping. That’s so much for them to go off of and after a month they are still on there. Which player is their kid?

The kids are in the clan called BarHoppers and one is Mail and the other is a dude called Treb. All they do is scream in their mics in game, beg daddy josh for bombs to go blow sandstone up and terrorize everyone. I got kicked tonight too. I couldn’t log in until a couple of hours ago. They were chasing me and they couldn’t keep up, next thing I know, I’m disconnected and it they got my stuff.