Most PvP official servers are dead for a reason it seems…

Well I can see why this game is tanking fast and hard. I joined 5 different servers that seemed to have a low pop (I avoid 1530, 1526, etc for those servers are INFESTED with hackers and clans that associate with hackers)

On 1578 there’s some jackass that has built HUGE ass cities taking up multiple grids over near the crown grove/oasis area. It’s literal AIDS. That’s just one of the shit load of bases this dude has. Then another clan has almost the ENTIRE southern aqueduct land claim spammed to prevent players from building anywhere near there. —This is just an example of the crap I keep running into. I reported the jerk eating up the map with his PvE builds. Funcom closes the ticket without doing a damn thing. (This was turned in before the holidays btw). I assume nothing was done because that clown has bought every dlc, bazaar item, anything available to spam down as far as the eye can see. Can’t suspend a pay pig. Thats bad business. :roll_eyes: That was the last server I tried. It was the same BS on every server. If it wasn’t PvE builders eating up half the map with their lagtastic builds it’s hackers running amuck. My entire group has rage quit this game because we spend more time trying to find a suitable server than actually playing the freaking game.

Before anyone suggests it, no I will not do a private. There isn’t any decent PvP privates that don’t have horrible lag, whack rules, or isn’t ERP/RP crap.

The pay pigs have won. This game is absolute shit thanks to them along with Funcom just being a completely incompetent developer.

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I can assure you that buying their dlc doesn’t save you from being suspended. I was suspended once and had every dlc up to before the bazaar release.

That being said, if you had it closed after the update, it could be in part due to their major screw up on other stuff with the game, such as Crom coin suspensions and what not… so it’s likely they were forced to abandon all pending stuff to follow up on the emergency problems at hand. I suggest you follow up again. That being said, most of the team are on holiday until mid January.

It was prior to the update. It was closed before the update. (At least mine was closed before, some clan mates just finally got the auto message stating they hoped the problem resolved itself.) I was hoping one of their reports would get through since mine didn’t.

i can only confirm this state of dead pvp players servers (pc), with only 2-3 servers with some real pop per area region (europe, america etc…)

and that is the case for very long time, over more than 1 year.

of what i experienced problem is more hacking and exploit of glitch (ie exploit of the bug building system with skybase, let in this state for now 2 years…)

i do not encouter a lot of builders players eating the map on pvp servers even if i agree it can happens but this kind of profile that join a pvp servers usually do not survive more than 3-4 weeks when they do that on a pvp server.

but i can confirm that i saw building wih bazaars stuffs on pvp servers and that those bazaar stuffs pay to win stuff make lag server as i never saw it in 5 years of gameplay on pvp official. Ie the lost dungeon building piece that can apparently merge with other building piece and cover all in a very glitching way and that make lag server and even make crash local client when you try to bomb.(but there is plenty of others problems with those bazaar building pieces) and well so far i never saw players using that having a problem with zendesk, when it should be a real thing when something really harm server performance.

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Yeah that dude has been on the server, so he says, for about 6 months. The builds are so bad and laggy and the server crashes randomly. I just give up at this point.

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Just play better games than this.

And don’t buy any other Funcom game again, because they don’t deserve the money.


Oh I can and am playing better games than this. Funcom has been added to the list of developers I don’t support.


More and more seem to favor it.

You know… the merge…

More cross-play…

I doubt Funcom willl support as many official pvp servers as they had, as cross-play seems promising with the recent changes.

Either merge or allow cross-play.

PVP makes up a small minority of the player base.
The game is losing players because of crap broken updates that take weeks to months to fix.
The game is losing players because funcom just wont leave battle mechanics well enough alone.
The game is losing players because old players don’t like the direction of casual the game is going in.

This game could lose all it’s PVP players and not suffer any worse then it has from broken launches of the new ages. If the nemedian{sp} foundation “fix” didn’t tank this game, I’m not sure anything will.

But this issue you point out isn’t limited to PVP, mass over building is common because funcom simply can not or wont do a proper job of managing their own servers.

Which is; in my opinion, why you will never see funcom doing a proper job admiring there servers. The worst ToC violates on the public servers are probably the biggest spenders in the game. One person on the server I’m on adds a new neighborhood every time new building pieces are added to the bazaar.

I’ve tried dfferent PVE servers they are all pretty much the same. You take servers running for years, add players that have been on them for years, encourage them to build and hand them new building pieces regular and what you end up with is servers that look like central Europe during the age of expansion not some tortured wast land people have been exiled to.

No. I’ve played games by incompetent devs. Ones that have just tossed together game engine content the bought and turn around and sell it as an early release and…

I will continue to point out funcom stuck their foot in a meat grinder going to this set release date thing. You have no option but to put out the update in what every shape it is in, no matter how bad, on time. And that is bad for both player and developer.

There are 2 solutions, and funcom wont do either. I’m sorry but if you run a server you are responsible for managing that server, but funcom simply wont make the expenditure to solve the issue. They need to hire active server admin.

I don’t see private servers as an option either. My experience they are either so mod heavy i spend more time waiting on updates then playing; when they work. Or here today…

officials is for pros to have fun and hackers.

we just wrapped up an official run from the first 10 minutes we ran into speedhackers, and our last raid was a skybase raid, speedhackers came at the end and accused us of being cheaters (funnily enough so did the other speedhacker in the first 10 minutes because we caught him lol)

in a way they have become their own brand of Anarchy fun, sure it shouldn’t be this way and you shouldn’t have to “play this way” but it is the way it is.


It’s about clout and cutthroat tactics. Some of us do not have the time investment and just want to game. It feels wasted either way, so best take what works now and continue to develop it.

PvP has a think tank behind it.

Everybody wants to login to a war against hackers and display related trophies. Because there still is gameplay to salvage. That makes hackers like wolves, you got to go in and thin out the pack every year. The real hackers are a pack of 40-80 players online that have sprawled across the official servers. Their clan seems to have someone else always on, which will trigger solos like me. :smile:

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I still will recommend The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. But then again, super old games and not multiplayer… so maybe those are the exception.


I’ve been blessed so far not to have encountered hackers on this playthrough but it doesn’t mean they’re not there and almost guaranteed will appear sooner.

I now try to avoid the most “popular” servers because it’s easier for the degenerates of the community to fire up their BV and call their friends with benefits for the lulz.


well people that think they can do something against a real hacker have never met one of them. i mean seriously you know what allow shit they use (teleport through wall and foundation, acces any vault and chests locked, locate any chests and players body from a wide distance, able to place bomb near you from infinite distance, able to kill you with melee damage from far away (distance), ability to walk in air, and in and through mesh), and well if you want to laugh i reported to zendesk with videos recorded on online playing showing that, and links of the streamer promoting the hack, with all id, and zendesk applied a suspension of apparently only 2 weeks as a friend of mine sent me some screensshots of those same id that were active again after 2 weeks on an other server using the same hack. so we are going back to the level of skill of people behind zendensk and to : houston we have a problem especially when you know that this kind of hackers have hundred of accounts that they buy on black market with few cents. and they do one offical server per day every day, because they win money with their streaming and the third party program they promote. all good funcom ? nothing to do ?

Kernel developers go beyond being a hacker. Which would you want to know more about your system? Is it offensive if a kernel dev roleplays as a hacker? Hmmm. :thinking:

I don’t understand why they don’t implement a #%@$ing building piece/placeables limit already. 5000 pieces per player, increased by 1000 per person in the clan would be a good start. That is plenty to build what you need.

If you have a hundred thousand pieces placed you are an absolute cancer to this game and community - go build your gridsquare-sized “castles” and “towns” in singleplayer where you’re only lagging yourself and not every single person on the server.

Unfortunately rather than setting an item limit, Funcom keeps giving them more toys to lag the server with: the latest is Taverns. I’m sure when they were conceived they didn’t realize that these morons would place 50 extra chairs around their tavern and build a tavern at every single outpost, spamming already overloaded servers with hundreds of pointless NPCs.

PvP servers absolutely need a building size limit, I posted a thread about it recently.

Two things:

A. Due to the Battle Pass and my continued interest in windowshopping the Bazaar, I have had a chance to see the Server Browser pretty much every day for three weeks.
b. The PvP America numbers keep going up, with Officials consistently being among the leaders in population. (x/40 players)
3. Several of my Steam friends have told me about hacker activity on US and A PvP Officials.

7 days after writing this the hackers showed up.

We left because don’t have time for that shit.


Social engineer versus the hacker: I’m listening to it. Some called it gaslighting. Perspective. Social engineers love to blame hackers, like playing whack-a-mole.