Rogue Angels/ Requiem Nex Kills T6 Ethram Fal!


Yay, we finally killed the damn thing! Grats to all!


RAWR that was a “FUN” run… gratz ppl !!

Gz RA/RN, well done :+1:t2::blush:

That was too ezzzzy.

Progression timeline:
Yothians - Feb 16
Emerald Leviathan - Feb 16
Rocknoses - Feb 16
Zelandra - Feb 17
Cetriss - Feb 17
Ethram Fal - Feb 19


Congrats everybody!

GZ slackers. u did take your time to down it :wink:

You have no idea how close we were… The zone actually reset during our last pull, so it was truly the last pull regardless of outcome.

gz guys :smiley:

Is anybody else making an effort to kill Ethram?

Big congrats guys.
Really impressive.

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well done guys :smile:

Now,real question,who will be the first guild to kill Lurker on saga? :smiley:

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ugh… who wants to farm the blue dress. and I highly doubt I can get my guild to go do lurker.

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we had a guy in guild getting the dress, but he sold it, cos it was early on saga and who would care right :smiley:

But i would love doing lurker if someone got the dress.

Well if someone in your guild gets it again, you probably could get a few from the RA/RN crowd to do it on the weekends with you guys if you had some spots. I’d join on if it was on the weekend.

doubt that any spots would be left, but could make a pact that both of us start grinding and whoever find it first we split a raid 12 /12 xD

So only 2 groups made a run at T6 Ethram?

There was a guy trying to sell one (blue dress) in Global last night. 10pm-ish pst