Question about T6 necklace


A question, will the T6 necklace be claimable in Crom ?


Yes. You will be able to claim it on a non-saga character.

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Are they seperate claims? So weapon on one char, necklace on a different char?

Nice ! Thanks Sunstar !!

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Yeah, they’ll be separate claims. :slight_smile:


so you can use the scroll for t6 necklace on saga character and then at end of saga server get a claim to claim one more on a crom toon??? or do you have to save the saga scroll and not use to use on crom?

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You don’t have to save the scroll. Go ahead and use it on Saga, and with the merge you will get new claims to use on Crom.

People are asking about the tier 1 armour set they get on Saga for reaching level 80, and the t4 cloak. Are these also going to duplicated as separate claimable items as well in our accounts on 15 May when the Saga of Zath server is closed?

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Can it be claimed by the Saga character? She is my only toon on that account.

What you mean? If you complete saga goals, you gain your reward, directly on your character as it was one quest and you dont need claim nothing.

Most classes can choose between 2 necklaces when they can get their T6 necklace.
So claiming the 2nd T6 necklace is an option since switching necklace would give different buffs


Now I understand, you mean, after your saga character will be copied to Crom if it will be possible to claim the reward on him?
According to what was said by funcom, it would seem so, you can claim, at the close of the server, the reward on a character on Crom and this does not exclude the saga character itself.
But if I can give you my opinion, as T6 player on crom and therefore owner of different characters full t6, you will hardly make use of two T6 necklaces for buffs switching them, in most cases, the arena necklace is much stronger than the T6 necklaces for most of classes. One T6 is more then enough!