Necklace t6 and cloack t4 to who?

Hey you know theoreticaly on about 14th august its 90 days from saga server shutdown so should be last day for claiming the Saga stuff. I dunno yet which char to give it. I have all except dark templar and assassin, what class would benefit most with this 2 pieces of equip?


Guard/DT sword and tali kinda suck. Only the shield is good.

sorry my bad, I wanted to say I have all classes at 80 but for assassin and dt. So if you said that equip is worthless for soldiers(conq too?) i have to choose between bear barb ( my favourites) and maybe hox, I dont play others(necro and demo tos rang pom)much, but unless this equips are extremely benefit for one of them…
If you say assassin gets best improvement with that I could even roll one

The necklace should go with the toon you get the t6 weapon on as they give you a buff when equipped together.

As for cloak, shouldn’t really matter, T4 cloaks are easy to get either in real T4, buying with T4 relics, or simply substituting world boss cloak.

yes indeed t4 is not a problem to decide to whom give it, i didnt make to get the t6 weapon during Saga. so I just wonder which char is best to give the necklace

if you only have necklace, but no weapons, i’d give it to hox, for the simple reason that it’s the only one to have 3 rune buffs. :wink: