Is the T6 weapon character bound?


Is the T6 weapon character bound and therefor impossible to get on older characters?


Yes it’s character bound. But once you have finished the requirements for obtaining the t6 weapon you will get an item. This item will give the option to obtain a t6 weapon for your class.

The item giving you the choice of a t6 weapon can be claimed on an old character.


Will we get the item/scroll in our claims for another character on our account as soon as we complete the Saga quest line?


So the quest item that give you the t6 weapon is delivered to your claims, not your inventory?

Also i guess if you use it to obtain a one-handed weapon you will only get one weapon and not for both hands?


The items will become claimable after the server ends on 15th of May.

Once you finish the quest you will get an item in your inventory which will grant you the option to pick a t6 weapon upon using.

The item you will be able to claim will give you class specific weapon(s). If you claim a two handed blunt on a bear shaman for the Saga character you will be able to claim a polearm on a guardian.

Hope that clears it up!


But wait… wont that make it possible to delete your saga char once you have claimed the weapon on another char and level up a new one?


That was part of my concern as well, but Sunstar confirmed the Account-claimable reward(s) will not be available until they have shut down the Saga of Zath server.
So I speculate that when they migrate our Saga characters across to Crom there are parts of the coding for the Saga quest line that will generate the claim item(s) in our account claims … And what we get depends how far our Saga character completed that quest.
Also on the old forums the question was asked and answered…Funcom will not restore deleted characters on any server since the release of the Saga server …