Question rgd. the T6 claims after merger to Crom

Heya there,
So I learned after the end of Saga there will be some one-time claims on Crom for your account:
one for the T6 necklace, another one for the T6 weapon, and more for the Zath social armor pieces,
ofc only if you managed to get those pieces on Saga before.
In another thread I learned that those claims will be available for my old toons on Crom after the merge!?
only for the old toons? or for the new (Saga-created) toon as well?
what if I don’t have any old toons? (account just created, i.e. Saga-toon is the only toon), or my Crom toon is very low-level still? are those claims lost then??
pls. clarify

They’ve already said that for every Saga character that makes it to 80 and completes the saga quest - getting the t6 weapon, you’d get an extra weapon scroll so one of your Crom characters can claim a t6 weapon too.

I would think if anything goes to the claims section it would just stay there until you’re at the level to make use of it. Because of the boxed version I bought way back when, all my characters can get a mammoth, but not until they hit level 40. So if you only have a low level it would just sit there until you claimed it.

As far as if the rewards would be there for your Saga character (after going to Crom). You would have already got the items so why offer them to your character again?

Some classes have multiple choices. Eg: On barb you can choose the 2 1h, or the 2h. What if he wants all of them on the same character? I think it would make sense. :wink:

As I understand it we will also have a T6 necklace on claim after may 15th.
Most classes have options to change their blessings by using different necklaces
I think only HoX is limited to 1.

If you claim you other weapon option on your saga character you most likely would want to claim your other necklace on that character too just to get maximum benefit of all options.

This is also why claiming your second sword on a saga born HoX is a bad idea.
You would have a T6 necklace on claim that can’t be paired with a weapon to get any blessings

Given how the claims system works, the claims should be claimable on any character, even on the Saga character (for a 2nd set).

Remember you can pair the T6 necklace and T6 weapon blessings with the chaos gem blessings which are on the epic and legendary gems from the chaos dungeon…which can be placed either in rings from the raid finder vendor or the rings that drop in the chaos dungeon.

Indeed I forgot those, but that way it isn’t possible to get to 4 stack if I am right.
So your maximum would be 3 stack, not bad … but it isn’t 4 right?

In total you can have a buff value of up to 8. What this means is you can have either 4 different buffs with 2 ranks in each, 2 different buffs with rank 3 and 1 buff with rank 2 or you can have 2 buffs with rank 4 in each.

In total you can have a buff value of up to 9 with necklaces with 3 buffs or when you use 2 weapons including 1 with 2 runes

exactly - I have the heal rating necklace and 2h blunt (playing shammy) on saga and want the dps necklace and dps blunt after the merge!
my Crom ToS is lvl 24 and only sitting there as a bank toon; this is my second account…

so when this shammy hits Crom, he gonna have two T6 necklaces and two T6 blunts, sweet :slight_smile:

It is not publicly known yet how the claim process will work. There is a FAQ coming soon™ which will answer this question.

I hope you’re aware that this “coming soon™” doesn’t sound very promising… :laughing:

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so it is not possible for my Saga-transferred toon(s) to have two T6 rewards if I understand the FAQ correctly:
You can claim each reward once per account, so please choose the character wisely. You cannot claim these rewards on your Saga character.

You are correct